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Also, great site! I will be bookmarking it as I have some of the info on it saved in various files/bookmarks. This will bring lots of it together!
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Great job putting this together. Here's another good how to thread by Tracker: Trackers guide on how to cut your bolt Also, feel free to use any of the pictures from my collection thread in my signature.
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reading the how to's... "anti-clockwise?"
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same as counter clockwise... see back in the day, clocks had sticks that moved towards and whatever numbers they were on was how you told time.. the hands always turn towards the right, so if you need to turn something to the left, you can say counter, (or anti in this case) clockwise..

righty-tighty lefty-loosy doesn't always work because things are occasionally reverse threaded.

^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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I just HAD to look it up... Anticlockwise: British term for counter-clockwise (Oxford dictionary). Bloody 'ell you're right... Now tell us more about these stick clocks you speak of
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I just found the blueprint for adding eyes to an Excalibur on my old computer.when i get home i'll send them to you to add on your site.
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Fixed broken links. Sorry Haven't checked the site in a while, but links should be more or less all working again.
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