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  1. What is this Buzzard Worth?
  2. What's in the box?
  3. Still in Business?
  4. What kind of wood did Carter Comps have?
  5. Tricar Body/Barrel
  6. Is this a Carter Sniper?
  7. Duck search
  8. Bucket/quick Changer
  9. Carter Cupseal leaks
  10. so tell me about my new carter
  11. Thread insert help
  12. Buzzard bolt oring?
  13. Power tube valve seat
  14. Carter Woosh Barrel
  15. WTB: Carter Buzzard Parts - Piercing pin - Pump Arm Bolts - Ball retaining clip
  16. Different Buzzard insert lengths?
  17. Mini Buzzard question
  18. what carter do i have?
  19. Threads for Dye era Carter Comp?
  20. Buzzard Question
  21. Carter Buzzard and Freak bored barrel: it actually works
  22. Stockclass Sniper2 Conversion???
  23. L-stock and return spring dimensions for buzzard
  24. Where to look for older carter cup seals?
  25. Buzzard pro series what is this worth?
  26. Barrel sizers?
  27. Earon Carter's Phone Number.
  28. Buzzard Valve Question/problem
  29. Couple Buzzard questions: L-stock and barrel boring
  30. Just Another Carter Player
  31. 1995 ProPower Autococker
  32. delrin insert help
  33. Autococker Body
  34. karnivor?
  35. Carter Machine
  36. SS comp snub?
  37. Carter milled cocker body?
  38. Machine work..
  39. Carter Machine Parts List
  40. Carter Machine, never again.
  41. dye trigger framed buzzard
  42. Normal trigger wear?
  43. Boxgun Tolerances
  44. Carterized VM68
  45. Barrel insert sizes
  46. Velocity Question
  47. Carter Machine Website?
  48. Need a valve body - where to go?
  49. Buzzard parts?
  50. Valve body material and efficiency
  51. Antoine Yella's Carter Comp & Duckified Boxgun
  52. Is this a Carter milled Cocker?
  53. Kamikaze Shooter Rebuild
  54. Buzzard Efficiency Woes...
  55. Duck Dissassembly
  56. Buzzard Pump Stroke Question
  57. Anyone in the NC area with a carter?
  58. Need velocity tool for my Comp
  59. Carter Mini Buzzard Collar Set Screw Size
  60. Barrel
  61. My Duck requires a blood sacrifice!
  62. Mini Buzzard and CCI Revolution
  63. DIY 25.00 OC feedneck
  64. Inserts interest thread
  65. Some Carters Cock some Dont?
  66. 12g changer seal
  67. Need advice on buying a buzzard
  68. Tri car and NW comp re-barrel?
  69. CIP vs. Carter boxguns
  70. Ebay Buzzard
  71. Stupid Question
  72. Ordering Inserts
  73. Direct feed boxgun
  74. MiniBuzzard ASA leak
  75. Possible to Freak Bore Carter Beveled Barrel?
  76. Is it a Carter or a Predator body?
  77. Carter's new style sights
  78. Carter Machine join the 21st Century
  79. Bolt o-ring, is it important?
  80. Phantom Feedgates compatible with Buzzard Feedgates?
  81. Buzzard Barrel vs. Aftermarkets
  82. PPS Barrel?
  83. Dye buzzard pricing
  84. Boxgun leak down the barrel
  85. Your Whoosh barrels
  86. My Boxgun
  87. help need parts !
  88. School me on Carter Stock Class Guns!
  89. MiniComp velocity adjuster slips
  90. Desert duck found at local shop
  91. Phantom springs in Buzzard?
  92. Whoosh barrels?
  93. Check Valve?
  94. Old comp
  95. How's the big man doing post-op?
  96. CAD Files?
  97. Carter Buzzard Velocity problem
  98. New to buzzards and have a few questions
  99. Drilling/ Tapping a duck frame
  100. All Silver old school pump
  101. Dye Era?
  102. Do I NEEED a beveled barrel?
  103. Carter or NW Comp--pic attached
  104. Carter or NW Comp
  105. Carter Video.
  106. 12g changer seal
  107. Carter Machine Shop FAQ
  108. Velocity adjustment tool?
  109. MiniComp with a bottomline?
  110. stock class !!
  111. vert feed adapters that fit Buzzards? COmps?
  112. Questions on a Carter Cocker
  113. Blasphemy??
  114. Pre Dye Carter comp barrel thread question
  115. Left Feed Duck?
  116. Mini buzzard inserts - Sanchez style
  117. Would anyone be interested in buying this one?
  118. thanks cartermachine for the cocker mods
  119. Carter Slam on a Loo Duck
  120. Three Carter Autocockers
  121. Anywhere to buy Carter Buzzard Main body/Snub
  122. What the heck is that?!
  123. Carter Comp Threads
  124. Sniper pump kit
  125. Questions on a Box Gun
  126. Stock Class Carter Sniper
  127. New to the Buzzard
  128. Anyone stopping by Earon's shop soon?
  129. Tricar frame
  130. Added a Buzzard to my collection.
  131. To Carter or not to Carter
  132. History Behind the "Space Gun"
  133. Early Carter Buzzard with strange barrel threads
  134. Carter Efficiency
  135. What to lube on Termite?
  136. Ordering Custom Duck Question
  137. CIP Boxgun internals
  138. shipping question
  139. finishing Question?
  140. Mini Comp questions!
  141. Tell me about Tricars...
  142. New to buzzards, not sure whats going wrong.
  143. Barts stud squad carter comp
  144. Don't ask unless you gots the $$$
  145. My Shiny new Boxgun!!
  146. Carter Machine Goose
  147. Auto trigger problem.
  148. Carter hammer bumper?
  149. Carter Machine and Sanchez Machine
  150. Carter Machine Project Tracking Thread
  151. Should I dremel this boxgun?
  152. barrel kits
  153. Shorter Velocity Adjusted - Does anyone want one?
  154. Pierce pin
  155. Mini-comp shoots when pumped
  156. Project Peregrine
  157. Wood Duck
  158. Cobalt Baby DD-68
  159. Carter Buzzard Question
  160. Demonio
  161. Anyone on here know Ironchef ?
  162. Carter Valve Nut/Retaining Screw/Body Threading?
  163. "Exclusive! Exciting New 12gr Comp Paintpistol The DD68"
  164. Will Carter Build It?
  165. Someone said this is a Carter "Ranger"
  166. How have I never seen this one before?!?!?
  167. does CIP part work on carter box gun?
  168. TerMite barrel
  169. Good thing I am going to see carter tomorrow
  170. Carter Duck 1st impressions.
  171. Nelson railgun and cip goodness...
  172. Help me identify this feed gate
  173. 3 old school pics (kamikaze shooters inside)
  174. Dye ultralight barrel+buzzard pump handle?
  175. Where to get carter parts...
  176. grip options for Boxgun???
  177. Each and every carter is unique...
  178. Buzzard Springs?
  179. 12 gram changer too long?
  180. Cleaning internals, and perfecting the pump stroke
  181. Anyone have a spare carter collar laying around?
  182. Looking at picking up a Carter
  183. What kind of Carter is this?
  184. Carter Machine, markers, tips and tricks!
  185. Left Feed Desert Ducks
  186. Accidentally "fixed" buzzard AT issue
  187. My Mini Comp
  188. New Carter Owner - two different Cocker threads?
  189. mini buzzard vs mini comp
  190. Carter Termite knowledge
  191. check these out...
  192. Getting a duck!!! nvm, a mini buzzard...AND a duck!
  193. bolt assembly question
  194. Vert adapters for mini-buzzards?
  195. my pair of old school Comps
  196. Would a freaked barrel work on a carter?
  197. 2 questions with earons barrel sizers.
  198. What's the OD?
  199. Help with Mini Buzzard screw removal
  200. Boxgun talk
  201. Replacement Carter Cup Seal?
  202. L Stock - Anodized or Just Polished question!
  203. BBD for Ducks, Boxguns and Redux
  204. carter problem
  205. Lapco Breech Sizers on Buzzard - Gallery/Review
  206. Buzzard selloff?
  207. getting a boxgun
  208. Duck Efficiency
  209. Carter is the Man!
  210. Are you one?
  211. Whoosh barrel freak tip on a Carter Mini Buzzard
  212. Carter Half Blocks
  213. Modified Excel barrel to fit a box gun
  214. Boxgun Issues
  215. DD68 Adjustable Détente Mod Take Two
  216. Buzzard Barrel Options
  217. Contacting Carter Machine??
  218. Carter internals in a WGP Ranger
  219. Value of buzzards?
  220. Lever-slam changer problem
  221. Mini Comp Auto Triggering issue, like old buzzards had
  222. Lechooch is officially a gun whore!
  223. whoosh...
  224. Summer Boredom
  225. Just a head up: Velocity Paintball in San Diego carry a lot of Carter stuff
  226. Demonio.....I think your inbox is full...
  227. Post-Dye Buzzar Hammer/Sear
  228. Carter Refurbishment
  229. Before anyone loses it...
  230. Buzzard barrel Q's
  231. Boxgun issue
  232. Carter inserts...
  233. Underboring Inserts?
  234. Earon
  235. Something that has never occurred to me...
  236. carter q's(duck related)
  237. Any interest in CA adapters for in-grip Carters?
  238. Dye does Carter Wrong..
  239. Shots for Chef, warning Margin rape ahoy!
  240. 13ci tanks + boxgun?
  241. Debris in my feed
  242. How many carters are out there?
  243. Duck rear sight
  244. Carter Barrel issues
  245. Carter Machine chat/off topic thread
  246. Lechooch's Boxgun
  247. DD68 Adjustable Détente Mod
  248. CARTER COMP? Trying to find out what this is...
  249. Drop Out Carter?
  250. Practical reasons why buy Carter instead Phantom