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Best Blowback?

My old Spyder SE w/red dot-stock-remote!

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I played around with a 2.0 Omen back around '06 or '07. Great gun to play with, especially for a stacked tube blow back. As someone or other mentioned though, the board was total crap-o-la. Recock adjust worked well once I used locktite to keep it in place when shooting the gun, preventing it from getting out of whack from the blow back. TBH I was nor am any fan of the anti-chop/feed system. While it worked find, it made things horribly difficult if it wasn't properly, perfectly, adjusted. When it started to fall out of adjustment, balls would jam, get chopped, not feed, etc. etc. I was never able to get mine from getting out of whack from again the blow back, so iono...

With a morlock board installed and wired for break beam eyes, a good force feed hopper and the omen's anti-chop/feed system modified so it didn't do anything, just operated like any other old feed tube, it became a totally different beast.

BTW something else I really didn't like about the Omen was the trigger. Really dislike those PMI plastic wave triggers... I think you could buy an aftermarket aluminum design, but I never got around to it and I would imagine their hard if not near impossible to find these days...
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`i like men
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I loved my evil omen as long as it didn't chop. Those fingers that push the ball in tur worthless at that point. Mine was a blue 2.0 and it came with an aluminum straight trigger from the factory. Surprisingly, I needed to order a part last year and their customer service number still works and they sent me the part free since the omens have a lifetime warranty.

I also second the icd cat as the best mechanical blowback. So quiet an smooth son pared to most out there.
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Originally Posted by wileypb View Post
`i like men
Nobody judges here
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....bro, you just gave me a quarter chub.
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