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Originally Posted by El Super Beasto View Post
The poppet seal and the base seal.

I run a vibe reg on one of my Impulses, and a 12 oz non anti-siphon tank. In winter. NO LPR. I have had 0 issues. The built in overpressure relief has never felt the need to release either.

From what I can tell, the Ion and the Vibe regs are the same. Stock, as OP stated. Someone correct me on this if I'm wrong. They're floating poppet designs, and excluding the pressure relief mechanism, usually have like 2 moving seals or so.

Just like the Palmer's Stab, which is also a floating poppet design. And has similar seals.

Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
I guess if it works more power to ya . I'm just thinking that under somewhat higher rates of fire (say 8ps or more sustained) that you'd get issues with freezing and the reg might have a real issue with consistency at those ROF's if it's a slower paced game where you're shooting short 3 shot burts or just popping a round or 2 every 20-30 seconds then yea C02 is fine. i just figure why not put on a fatty stab on it and eliminate the issue entirely
Which leads me to strongly question this recommendation and the previous claims. So be specific.

Especially when it means dropping $90 on a new reg on for no good reason.
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Stock Ion reg works great on CO2. As mentioned, the Vibe reg works even better - as well as being less stupid an adjustment method.

I've used both on straight CO2, from an antisiphon, and from a remote.

But, an antisiphon tank adds an extra level of protection. Cheap change to make if you can dedicate the tank to that setup.
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For what it's worth I've had a lot of success using ion/shocker regs on a/s co2. They actually work really well for me on them, us em' on an old gen-e trix.
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