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Sanding stainless steel?

I bought a new SS Freak insert a few days ago and I noticed that one end has some small nicks in it. What is the best way to smooth this out? Fine wet sanding?
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Because they had sharp edges that were breaking paint, I had to bevel the inside edge on my inserts. I filed them down first and finished it by using the round end of a 10 round tube as a sanding block
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a small rounded file and some fine grit sand paper should work
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Wet sand and then buff it out to mirror finish.
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When sanding stainless bodies, I find the progressively finer grits of wet/dry to be most efficient. It takes 220 grit to get down through the blast pits in reasonable time. I've tried starting at 400 or 600, but never had the patience to get through large pits or scratches. Going down to 1500 is a pretty good finish, but you can top that with polishing compound and a wheel of some sort. As Grendal noted, I file anything big, trying not to make it worse.

600 or 800 grit is probably enough for a hidden breech area. You can sometimes find the right pack of assorted grits of wet/dry for ~$8.
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put it on a lathe and clean it up that way. If you wait a month or so until we get our shop moved into Vancouver I can fix it up nicely for ya
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I have been using smooth finish rubber bonded grinding bits lately. They work really well in a dremel type tool. I use it to deburr and also polish small surfaces.
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