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Need a Sniper Expert

Alright, so I've found a guy who claims to have an original sniper with an early 1000s serial number. That bit of information leads me to believe that it is a original sniper. It's also said to have a "laser site and silencer".

I haven't seen it yet, but I'm looking for some advice. What are these things worth, and by worth I mean might actually sell for? I consulted blue book with a top end at $375. Is this still accurate? Is there a market for these?

Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Here is Serial Number 55X(can't see the last number clearly). Laser sight is right bout no silencer. It is mint. As for market for these. I doubt there is a huge market for them.
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Yes, even minty I think that price is rather high. More or less NIB sniper 1's I've seen go for 300-400, but normally a used model even in good-minty condition will go for 100-250. markets for these things can be fickle, but a sniper 1 is a nice find! I wouldn't have any problem paying 300$ for a sniper 1 if it was BNIB/NIB and came with other vintage accessory/parts
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The Sniper 1 market was really great for awhile as they never came up for sale. It seems that they've become fairly common since then. The ones that still have the Sat Cong sticker are a lot rarer though.
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I have #508 with all the original bells and whistles and two bull barrels and i couldnt get 300 bucks. It has the original sticker and all.

Just decided to keep it.
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Quite a few have come up over the last few years and they don't tend to go for a ton. $200-$250 if you're lucky. A couple of the sub 100 serial numbers have even popped up and haven't gone for much more. Since it's solely a collectable condition is everything.

Make sure it isn't a mini cocker body though. They were released a lot later and have low serial numbers.

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With regards to old snipers, it's only really valuable if it's a garage built #1-400 if I recall. They have the welded feed necks.

Those 1-400's go for 400-500 from what I've seen. The ones that a drunken Bud Orr made in his house. Like anyone needs an aluminum Sheridan with a removable barrel.

Those go for 400-500 from what I've seen.

As for the 401+ guns the value is hard to say. Depends on condition and current marker whoring trends.
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