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Dual pistols guide/tactics anyone? for t8.1s

does anyone have any tips or advice on using dual pistols? i got 7 mags for my t8.1s and im gonna try rocking them both at cqb toronto this weekend is there things i should consider and like how should my tactics be? this is my first time trying this by the way
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Get in as close as you possibly can, be somewhat stealthy, don't get into a one on one engagement, and have fun.
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just a basic principle, but how much target practice have you done? do you know your capabilities when shooting righty and lefty? How about both at the same time? Do you brace one on the other wrist at times?

got easy access to mags and have practiced reloading? Do you have a plan for spent mags like a dump pouch or back into mag holsters?
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definitely use a dump pouch to speed things up. practice reloading whenever your just sitting around at home untell it becomes second nature. I marked all my mags with different colours in the squares by the valve so I can keep track of mags better, ie how many times have they been reloaded do they need fresh Co2, is one in particular acting up and require a new seal, ect. it really helps when it comes to maintenance when they all look the same it can be hard remembering witch mags need TLC with out wasting Co2 trying to find that one out of seven mags that is broken. also I painted the safety a different colour on one of my T8.1s so I can tell the difference between them. tibs can be finicky so running with two can be handy when one starts acting up just holster it and carry on with your other pistol untell games over then you can trouble shoot. reloading with two markers is cumbersome so when reloading it may be convenient to tuck the other marker under your arm or into a holster if your crouched behind cover maybe even place it on the ground for a moment to free your hands up so your not fumbling trying to juggle mags and markers. you can leave your off hand pointed at a flanking entrance so you can cover two points at once. lots of tactics you can do but find what works best for you. there are countless load outs you can try when running akimbo that all have their own pros and cons depending on your personal play style. but typically pistol load outs are all significantly lighter then most any other load out unless your playing pump or hopper ball so take advantage of the lighter load out by moving quick to the front off the break and use snap shooting to all its potential. don't be afraid to go toe to toe with an electro they rely on ROF and often leave themselves open/vulnerable and it only takes one good snap shot to get them out.
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Head on over to the sidearms section in the armory. You'll find plenty there from AgentSmith and Midnight Angel. Look for those guys on youtube for videos
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...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

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just do this and you'll be fine.

Originally Posted by GauchoRockero
I see you on every phantom related thread

Things I would like to purchase with American dollars:
1: Dragon barrel plugs!
2: Skanline VTS for a VM68

I moved across the country, if you live in Louisiana hit me up!
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Originally Posted by Melvin View Post
Watch Equilibrium and the Matrix and then go to town on their faces.
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Offhand for cover fire dominant hand for the business when possible. I have more Tiberius pistols than hands but I've never seen the need to fire more than one at a time from my good hand at that. I can carry 4 more mags for the weight of a second pistol...
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Find easy to use compatable holsters for your pistols,when you need to relode either you are going to.need to do something with the other.. Just make sure to keep track of it so in the heat of shooting yoi dont run from cover to another location and leave a pistol behind.

A dump pouch is a huge pluse instead of trying to load back into a mag pouch ,sometimes it can be a struggle to
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