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Originally Posted by DranDran View Post
I think I'm going to pick up an open class sniper and rig a fee tube to it. I think I've seen pics of that on here, then once I get completely comfortable playing pump I'll get a phantom
That is not a horrible idea. Do what you can to keep it light, small tank and stick feed/ small hopper. I often feel that OC makes me feel like a disadvantaged semi. It's just as heavy but slower shooting. Just remember don't get carried away trying to shoot fast, it's a pump, the faster you shoot the less accurate you become. Also after you get used to either a Sniper or a Phantom, allot of people have trouble switching back and forth. They just feel very different. It took me a wile to get used to Nelson's again after using Snipers for a couple years. Now I'm good with either.

But just want to add once again Phantoms are my favorite paintball guns. If at all possible try to shoot a Sniper and a Phantom before you buy. One may just feel better. In the end you will be like the rest of us and eventually buy both.
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