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Want to try stock class

Want to give stock class play a try but not to familiar with phantoms and confused about the pricing of the markers. I've seen used phantoms from $150 (good condition) to upwards of $300-$500.
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Well what about em? Phantoms are pretty straight forward, a vertical stockclass breech can be made into an open class pump with an adaptor, from there you can play either style. Prices of the guns varies from reasonable to ridiculous, thats the nature of market. Pretty much a VSC Phantom from CCI will run you 288 nowadays brand new. Go from there.

BTW if you already have a pump just try a stickfeed for a while and then grab a Phantom. That way you can see if you really like quasi-stockclass or not.
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A basic single color VSC used will go for about $220 Shipped in good shape.
Lots of the price variance you see is due to aftermarket parts and custom things. Freak bored barrels etc.

They are great, reliable guns and a ton of fun to use.
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Try a stick feed on your current rig and go from there. Once you nail down your game 10 rounds at a time, then move to a marker that will take CO2 and throw on a bucket changer. I see a lot of people jump into stock class with both feet and are forever turned off by the experience.
You make a good choice in looking at phantoms.
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the easiest to try it without spending a whole lot is get some 10 round tubes and use it to feed whatever gun you have. it doesn't matter if its a semi or not. since you only have 10 shots, it will quickly tell you if you can limit your paint or not.
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Originally Posted by Anoon View Post
Try a stick feed on your current rig and go from there.
Yep, that's what I did. I picked up a stick feed from WALZ and threw it on my open-class sniper. Now I have both a dedicated open and stock set up.

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