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Need advice on buying new kitchen knives

I want a good quality set for once, I know some of you make knives and might have some suggestions. Thanks. Can be from a store or custom made.
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You have a price range? I personally like Calphalon knives myself.
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I was looking at a VG-1 Calphalon Katana set for around $660, so I though t I would check here first.
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I have some of the katana knives, good stuff for sure!
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I have read a lot of stuff about how they're not actually worth the money, but everyone in my family loves the table knives Cutco makes. I could take or leave the rest of their stuff because it is very expensive for what you get and I despise their sales model, but their table knives are awesome things that are perfect for everything and last forever.
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Have you considered Rada Knives? They are priced decent and are often sold through fund raisers. My sons boy scout troop sold them and they work great.
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I have always enjoyed my J A Henckell knives. I think they have been taken over by Zwelling now (I am sure I murdered the spelling on both of those). My paring knife and chef knife are older than most of the posters here. I would warn that their line of knives encompasses everything from super cheap box store stuff, all the way up to professional grade. Get the good ones and you will never need to purchase another set again with the proper care.

I was SO super pissed off when my son decided to use the tip to open his vape and broke it off on my old paring knife. Needless to say we had a talk (again) about using the proper tool for the job, not my knives.

As a side, I see someone mentioned Cutco above. One of our friends son was selling these and we got sucked in. The quality of them leaves a lot of be desired, but with the "lifetime" warranty it seemed like a good idea to help him out. He was never properly paid by the company and their business ethics are not good to individual sellers. I take a buyer beware stance due to that. In practice the little fruit/paring knife is ~ok~, but we really LOVE the cheese knife we got. The bread knife is akin to something you buy at box store on cardboard.

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I’m a chef, I like shuns personally, I have a full set in the house, you only really need to buy a chefs knife and paring knife and a serrated knife so that’ll run you about the same price as a full set of henckels or wustoffs which are the German steel competition. I’d stop by a Williams and Sonoma or a sur la table or really any other housewares store and they’ll let you hold them to see if you like the fit. A lot of the difference between them is personal preference much like paintball equipment.
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whats your sort of budget and what sort of set are you after? i.e full block or just the knives you need/want. and style i.e western or japanese.
I would suggest looking at wusthof and also dick knives as both have a few diffrent lines that go from cheap to rather pricy and every where in between and I've seen at least one or two in every kitchen I've worked in. Victorinox make some very nice knives although I'm only used to the pasty knife they make. For a higher budget Mac knives are wonderful, the 8 inch chefs and bread/roast slicer are lovely in the hand (to me) although I don't own any myself having used my head chef's a couple times but he swears by them.
also unless you really love the handle stay well away from global knives the blades are decent but the handles to me are just not nice feeling.
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If you looking for value yet quality look into Mercer. They make knifes on par with woushtof an jkhinkle ( can’t spell their names for my life). The one I have for school actual out performs it’s wouschtof counterpart
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