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Waterproof boot suggestions.

Iím looking for a pair of very high waterproof (think Wellington boots) boots. They must be durable in the heel, and can withstand crouching, crawling, and all the things we do when on the paintball field, and theyíve got to do it for years.

Iím tired of going through the swamps and getting critters on my pants, and Iím tired of the el cheapo boots lasting only a couple of seasons of play.

Does anybody here play, or work in these kind of boots?

P.S, not going through the swamp isnít an option.

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look into waterproof snake boots
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I've just used these
water proof socks if my boots get wet my feet stay dry, one year I tried to jump a river and didn't quite make it instead I found myself chest deep in water, the socks dried out way before my boots and I finished the weekend event with soaking boots but the socks kept my feet dry. the socks come sized for your feet based on shoe size so I recommend buying a few sizes larger than your typical shoe size since these don't stretch then wear a few layers of regular socks inside for comfort. I've had the same two pairs for probably close to 10 years now, one pair is getting worn and leaks a little while the other pair is still in pretty good condition.
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Muck brand boots, its what all horse and cow people wear to clean stalls (well, if you can/want to afford it, many just buy $20 wellies at TSC) but they have many models to choose from, and many are very durable, they also make hunting boots that are "scent free", but still basically a Ferrari of wellies.
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2nd for Muck Boots brand boots, they are not cheap but they are worth every cent. While I do not use them for playing paintball I could see using them for this if I was worried about keeping my feet dry. I just don't worry about it and make sure I clean up my boots after a day of play to make the last.

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