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Should be able to get $200 with all the original goodies included with it to the right buyer. $150 would be a quick sale.

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blue/silver splash anno autococker

blue autococker pictures by tenchustealthx - Photobucket

custom blue/silver splash autococker#21124.So far I have only seen 2 of this setup(including mine).
Original bolt/beavertail/and barrel are flaking, but have them. Original custom milled valve is in great shape with no leaks.I know shroud and back block are later to the bodies age but they seem to be original to this guns customization. Found a blue/silver/black splash tail that matches,brand new belsales evo bolt.Black front block has mix of whatever was on it when I got it(shock tech lpr,brass 3-way,black wgp ram). Shroud has wear from being used prior to me also light ware to back block.I have yet to find out who's shop did these so if you might know that would be helpful, but mainly just wanted to see what you think it would be might worth.
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150-175 possibly
My feedback
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The bushmaster is gone - but it has a pro-line 45* frame. What would be its worth?

the drop out is a line si - the valve and the asa are interchangeable - I LOVE the lever with asa especially. But it is also awesome with the valve.

What would you price both of them together?
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how about for this?

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I have a guy that is trying to sell me a "Bud Orr Custom Deluxe
Mega Booster" It is approximately 11 years old or so and in great condition it was hardly used it thew its life so far, comes with filters to dry and filter the air coming from the standard Air Compressor. It dose not come with the air compressor or any bulk tanks just the booster. it has been factory rebuilt approximately around 2004 and it also dose not have the water proof case that some came with. Is used but looks and seems to function great. I can not seem to find a current value on this item. What is it worth?! Thanks! Here is a link to the manual that i found here.
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Hello, Would anyone know how much this thing is worth?

Thanks for looking.
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what is this cocker and how much is it worth?
Edit: link deleted, I forgot how many gun whores are on here. will post pics later.
Edit: Photos Posted

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