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Originally Posted by lexiones View Post
I picked up 2 pulse loaders and a rf chip with the splitter cable. I'm now realizing how much I do not need them. I've been seeing prices all over the place from like $30-$70.

Anyone got an idea what they should go for?
Pulse w. RF probably go from $30-55? That's will PP fees and shipping if sold online. $55 might even be asking too much. $35-50 seems like a good range. Might just try to break even too. Good luck!
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Sheridan P12, super good condition except for the usual pump wear. And a cute custom stick feed too :3

Seriously dont have a clue what this could be worth...

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This is my phantom i love it. Just wanted to know about its general "Worth"

CCI Phantom:
Tri Fluted hammer done by SSC customs
Flasc 0.678 Bored 11" Barrel (with the "Blaster" tip as named)
CCI undercocking mount + Brass Rod Used as a pump shim.
Indimidator Pressure gauge drilled into the Valve
(not seen but the Stock is a T- Stock)
All these parts:

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I am considering selling off my stuff to fund some band things, and this is the only marker I have left.

It's an NSG Splatmaster with Kidney Thief parts(velocity adjusting pusher and assembly, aluminum barrel) as well as an aluminum bezel(figure 8), a trigger shoe, and a quick change Co2 plug.

Any idea what it would be worth?
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I would like ball park price the for sale on here and localy for the items pictured. Frist is my limited edition f7. It has a sevent element board and trigger. It also has virtue lazer eyes as well as the stock parts. IMG_0459.JPG

Next I have a minimag. It has the the stock parts plus a autoresponce frame, crown point barrel, back bottle asa and jandj hard chrome brass barrel.I do have the powerfeed plug that is missing in the picture.
Lastly I have a pair of bassicaly nos renegade knee pads in flecktarn. I bought these second hand and I would be surprised if they have been warn once onto the field.
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I have this listed for $300 with a freak, og barrel, hopper, charger and tank - am I ballpark?

Guys, stashed away (1999) Dark Angel LCD CC, Ice blue - what is the going price on these, please.

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WGP whats it worth

picked this up and for a steal....realistically what would it be worth or would I be better off converting it to a pump and parting the rest

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05 Prostock with E1. I'd say somewhere around $300. I'm sure you could part the E1 setup for $100-ish.
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Smart Parts Atomix Impulse

Could someone tell me what this is worth please? I plan on selling it and have no idea of it's current value. Thanks!

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$200 - $250 range
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