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so it works as a devolumizer and liquid-loss preventor? have you been able to try it yet?
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What is that made out of? Brass?
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It is made of MCB fool's gold (yes it's brass).
It does devolumize the chamber slightly but the main purpose is to keep liquid from getting sucked out the valve.
It seemed to work but some more tuning would be needed, like a #6 power tube, med or heavy hammer and a full spring kit.Then some time at the chronograph.
It is on the way to Dundadun with his 007.You can push it in with your finger but you will need a oring pick or a small hook to pull it out.
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I like how you cut channels into it - does it fill the valve fast enough to prevent venting when you pierce?
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It is also bell shaped on both ends.It did vent once with a red main and a yellow valve spring but I had the adjuster way in, backed out a turn and it sealed fine.
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Ok I would like RTR to chime in on this subject being he has a killer new chambered valve on the Gargoyle. I have a few power tubes and cup seals courtesy of mOngo and will be testing them out in the coming days. I am still kicking myselffor not actually bolting up the Redux Slam Frame to my Dux at D-Day I was way zoned out from the drive and having too much fun talking to Steve.

Im off to get a chrono in the morning.

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Smiley, any chance you could be convinced to make more?
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idkfa, you might be able to find a suitable bronze sleeve to mod similar to Smiley's at a hard wear store.
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I'm currently working on designing a proper lever changer for my traccer lever rifles and I think I may have settled on a design that gets the best of both worlds. The biggest thing is the design of the changer dumping straight into the valve, but also that I'm designing this to move the gas through a very narrow channel. My last build had far too much expansion room.
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