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superman 02-13-2018 11:04 AM

Shocktech Gun Fighter Frame
Frame Issues:

almost every hole was drilled off center, deburring issues, anno pitting, machine marks etc..... on all 8 frames i have been able to see pictures of.

original frame i received (original release)

replacement frame

pictures i saved from 2 locals that ordered their's

my self and 3 locals purchased frames, all 4 showed up with the original issues. expressed our issues with shocktech with all of the pictures in album 1(which is just my frame) plus pictures of the issues on the other 2 frames. album 2 is how we recieved our replacement frames (only mine is pictured). The other album is a mix of all the pictures from different people.

I received my screws and lug in the mail today. it cam in a standard mailing envelope. My buddy was less lucky and his envelope was opened by the mail sorter and the screws were ripped out of the package.

so all in all none of us are really happy with our frames. We have essentially given up trying to deal with shocktech on this. If they are going to just replace frames with ones that have the same issues its a waste of both of our times.

superman 02-13-2018 11:04 AM

Customer Service:

Originally when we got the frames I reached out to Renick expressed my issues and he told me to contact Amanda which i believe is Customer Service. Though it was kind of strange i had to contact her but did so. She asked what the issues were and i updated her accordingly expressed that we (3 of us) weren't happy with what we received and that I had spoken with Renick. She puts us in a group chat. Gathers our shipping info sends us prepaid labels to return the frames. In the conversation we missed exactly what we were sending back(Frame, screws, lug). Several if not all of us purchased the frame with a mini length timing rod option which was standard and all of us needed full length. It was missed in the panic to try and purchase the frame. The exchanged those aswell. Frames arrive and we were missing lugs and mounting screws. Contacted Amanda again got everything lined up and shipped us our items via standard letter envelope, which are sorted via machine. so my friends screws were lost and the lug was found by the post office and sent to him.

I feel like the whole thing ended up being a waste of time to get items back we originally had with the issues that were pointed out in probably 20+pictures. Had i known they didn't have any frames that were issue free i would have just kept my frame or maybe returned it.

superman 02-13-2018 11:05 AM

The frame itself:

Ensure that the supplied screw is not to long and is being hit by the hammer

I installed the frame on my meteor 2000, with inception front end and ccm hammer, aka bolt, cocking rod, and sidewinder.

I found the stock spring is very strong and I couldn't shoot for very long. I have done lots of reading, and asked the right people certain questions. Everyone has a different opinion it seems. I don't claim to be the cocker guy but i have had my hands on a few.

What the frame does do. It allows for a fast drop of the sear so the break is at the very front of the pull and the remainder of the pull is all 3way. This makes it so the trigger pull can be as short as you can get it but helps to eliminate the lug slipping over the sear. I have shot a few with the gunfighter frames and they seem to be very consistent in the trigger pull and difficult to short stroke. Similar to the inception designs trigger plate triangle but with out the clunky feeling. The trigger pull is stiff either way. some people are bragging about how short the trigger pull is but that the springs need to be this or that etc. I feel like this is more of a tinkerer's frame than many people expected. I think the average person thought they would drop the frame on adjust the timing in and boom super fast trigger pull and i feel that isn't the case.

Does it make it harder to short stroke than a standard slider: yes
Is it easy to pull long strings of paint: no

superman 02-13-2018 11:05 AM


Stock spring is super hard: difficult to pull regularly

Slightly lighter spring: easier to shoot but still not a nice smooth light slider feel

Lighter spring: Much lighter and easier to pull but has trigger reset issues. Not issues catching the lug but the trigger actually returning forward.

I have talked to several other people that have been messing with the frames and no one has found a setup that they actually loved besides maybe Ravi. I think the issue lies in 2 places. first that the return spring is in the middle of the lever and not on the end. Which means you have to have a stronger spring than if they put the spring on the end of the lever under the sear and used some kind of cup to catch the spring. The next issue i see is the trigger plate. They used a long piece of stainless that isn't polished. When you think about standard slider frames there are always 2 springs. The return spring and the sear spring. In this case there is only 1. That 1 spring is doing the work of 2 normal springs. I saw Docfire's video about someone releasing a delrin drop in trigger for this frame which i hope allows for the use of a lighter sear spring.

Things im going to try in the future to try and get the pull i want. standard light sear spring, delrin trigger plate, possibly shim the spring to increase the tension, swapping the trigger plate screws to nylon or brass tipped.

superman 02-13-2018 11:06 AM

I tried to write that based on fact and not on emotion or my experience through the whole thing. I know it took me awhile to post but i did want to wait until i got all of my things from shocktech and get some trigger time behind the frame.

all in all i think the idea behind the frame redesign is great. I feel like it was rushed to the market and didn't go through all of the checks. I think they should have moved the spring location, used a softer spring, another spring for the trigger plate and went for the consistent smooth pull. It would have been much easier for someone to pick up and say ya i can spend this and make it harder for me to short stroke and not lose that sweet smooth feel.

Having felt all of the different frames lately inception, meteor, shocktech. I would have a hard time pulling the trigger on this frame again if i just wanted something that goes bang. If your looking for a project and enjoy tinkering this may be the frame for you.

Hobbes 02-13-2018 11:41 AM

I appreciate the detailed and honest review.

magmoormaster 02-13-2018 06:45 PM

Me as well. Machine marks are one thing, but some of those holes were drilled after ano, that's just not ok. Especially at that price. And sending something that's in similar shape is just sad.

Hopefully they get the second batch right, but there's no way I'm recommending them to anyone.

superman 02-13-2018 07:55 PM

If yall get a chance please also look at Docfires review's (youtube) and Ravi's article which can be found on pbnation. I know we have differing opinions but im sure between all 3 that someone could form their own opinion.

magmoormaster 02-14-2018 01:55 AM

Red/watched them both. Ravi's was really interesting, especially with all the tweaking he did. I feel like I would have to do that, since I've always preferred a smooth pull over a snappy one (I hate the ressi/inception frames for that reason).

superman 02-14-2018 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by magmoormaster (Post 3459189)
Red/watched them both. Ravi's was really interesting, especially with all the tweaking he did. I feel like I would have to do that, since I've always preferred a smooth pull over a snappy one (I hate the ressi/inception frames for that reason).

Im the same way. If you use the lightest inception return spring and either cut coils or swap the sear spring it really changes the feel of the ressy frame. super smooth and less kinky feeling but still has the benefits.

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