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I know this might be a little soon to ask, but what kinda maintenance numbers are we looking at? 1/2 hour to field clean, hour to full strip and clean.... or are we talking a few screws and it can be done in a few min?

I guess Im also trying to ask if its going to be a bother in the field if you need to clean it up quick... never know what can happen in the field.
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bolt comes out with pullpin. maintenance besides that should be practically none, disassembly is really straightforward. much easier than a sniper or a CCM gun. less parts, less fasteners, less springs.
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
....... laser engraving is likely for sure.
Ah, good ol' Apoc. Always ready with a "definite maybe".

The product is looking really sweet. Looking forward to seeing you with it at WCPW.

Must be something in the air this year. Between this new pump and the revolver dukie is working on the creative entreprenurial juices are flowing like rapids in the Spring!
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July 4th, 2009: Happy Fourth of July to American friends! todays progress included near completion of the hammer, just needs a slot for the sear, which was partially completed today. the trigger is also underway, and I rough turned the puller-guide. that leaves only the palmers valve to arrive, and a quick job making the rear plug and adjuster.


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July 5th, 2009:

Completed the puller-guide today, the last part to make in the front end is the sear. it also needs a pump handle still. A new breakthrough in the design also, using a 2 piece puller-guide for reduced weight without added complexity. saves cost on material also. the bushing will now become stainless steel, and the puller guides sliding surface is delrin.

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Its soo pretty....
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so this is what has been keeping you away from the chat....I approve.
Originally Posted by greenmtnphantom View Post
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Interesting! I love seeing the pieces coming together one by one.

Pinnacle Paintball

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Wow, how did I just find out about this now? I love my stocklass Sterling STP, but I might have to sell it for this.
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