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Rainmaker Operating Pressure

Hey guys, what pressure are ya'll running your Rainmakers at? I have a 98, all stock except gutted hpr/lpr, vertical ans gen x2 hpr, and ans hackammer lpr. My hpr is reading 590ish psi at 280 fps. The manual says they run in the 650-700 psi range, but I thought I read about guys in the 400ish psi range, but I'm not sure if that is with some internal mods. Thanks guys!
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Thanks Jordan! I'll have to see if I can find those anti-friction mods. I have a parts RM that I robbed the back block/stock hpr and drilled out the inside (from the threads side) and added two extra small holes adjacent to the stock one to make it a volumizer which I believe you're referring to. Problem though is even though it looks identical to the RMOG pic I get a leak from the large o-ring on the part that goes into the back of the gun body and is secured by those 2 back screws. I went back to the stock back block and it's leak free so I don't know what that's about as I didn't touch where that oring is. Maybe I'm missing an extra step? Thanks again?
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I'll still do the mods if asked nicely.

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Thanks a lot guys! I sent you a PM Rainman. I've had this old girl for a long time, just recently started to do some mods and tinker. As far as I knew until relatively recently there were little elves in there launching paintballs until I stared at the animation on the old RMOG site and saw what was going on in there. I'm glad I'm in the ball park with where it should be. Adding a Halo to replace my Revy really helped getting a good stream out of it, and a barrel kit helped with consistency. Thanks again!
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