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BE Nightmare leaking

Just got it a few days ago (its a non-comp shorty), apparently the guy bought it in '89 or somesuch and has never even played with it. It seemed to need some cleaning, but the co2 loaded and it fired fine.

well, i managed to take it apart and put it back together again, though i couldn't remove anything from the upper barrel (punching pin and housing), i tried lightly hammering it out but it looks like it gets caught on the threading of the co2 cap.
I put it all together again, and now it's leaking all at once from the top barrel out of the set screws I'm about to take it apart again but im afraid i won't even know what to look for.

Anyone know where to get o-rings for one of these (if that's the problem)? if not from the internets, then does anyone know what sizes from the hardware store?

I really hope i didn't screw up too badly, it's such a nice looking marker.
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haha, just an update for anyone thats interested, apparently you gotta take out the rear sight screws to remove the punch pin housing. I removed it, cleaned up (didn't really need to though, the o-rings are in great condition) put it all back together and now it's stopped leaking so much.

Anybody out there use these specific pumps and have any tips or anything? I'd like to learn as much as i can about it.
I'm also looking for any way i could attach a sight rail to the barrel, or basically any other modifications that could be done to it.
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Well, having previously owned one and having been forced to rebuild all the valve seals, I'll give you this piece of advice, don't take it apart if its working. They are a nightmare to get sealed sometimes. (pun intended) Also, when thinking about modifications, try to stay away from any permanent alterations as they diminish the resale value.
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I used to help run a field up in Canada back in 1989 which had nightmares as a field marker.
I quickly found out that they got their name from an airsmith's point of view. and not for what they could do on the field.

They fall into the category of "if they aren't broke, don't fix em"

Yet still, I love the old brass eagles.
And as I was told by Aldo Perrone himself......."oil it, LOTS, then oil it again"

As far as mods could solder sight rails on the brass ones and JB weld the aluminums
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Nightmare is notorious for having burrs inside the lower valve tube. Particularly where the frame and pump arm screws enter the tube. These burrs will nick the o-rings when you re-insert the valve. Solution is to wrap a piece of emery cloth around a dowel rod and sand the burrs out. Clean lower tube thuroughly after this operation. Then you can replace the o-rings and re-install the valve. The o-rings on the outside of the valve body can be found at an well stocked hardware or plumbing store. There is nothing special about them. Buna-N o-rings work just fine. Like the post above says, oil the snot out of it before re-installing the valve. Only 3 unique seals in the Nightmare, two are inside the valve body (the cup seal and the valve tube o-ring) the other unique seal is the puncture pin seal. If you need replacements for any of the seals inside valve I have them.
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Brass and Wood Fan
you can actually flip the cup seal over as a stop gap
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I don't know about sight rails, but when I got mine it had a half-inch clamping scope mount (clamps around top tube and scope). It's kinda jury-rig looking, but it works.
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