Bug Reports Forum acting up? Not sure if it is supposed to be like that? Please report them here

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Having a problem with PM's...

I seem to have a problem with PM's....

I can read PM's sent to me, but I can not respond to them nor send some one a PM.

I can read Threads, Post to Threads and even open new Threads. Just unable to do anything with PM's. I have sent a message to the the general staff on here, but like the PM's, won't confirm anything was sent. So I have a feeling nothing went through to them....

Anyone else on here having this problem..?
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there is a limit to pm's have you cleaned them out so as to be below the limit?
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Moved to Bug Reports, it will get more attention from here.

So, when you read the message, if you scroll down, there should be a forward and a reply button on the right. Also, further down, there is a quick reply section with a submit message button at the botton.

You don't see this?
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Thanks guys for trying to help....
Still not working...

Yes, cleared out all messages, the total messages have never gone above 12, I now have total of 2 in my inbox, none in Items Sent box. I really don't think my limit is 2...
I can receive and read them. Just can not send any PM's out or respond to any.

And yes,see both sets of reply buttons. None are working. Seems to process it out, but then won't confirm anything went out. From what I can tell,not going through. I PM'd several people already, none have answered me back, so assuming not working. I've also logged on from 3 different computers, and 2 different locations, same results, so should not be my computer as the problem. I belong to several other Paintball Forums, and all the others working fine. I've also tried to log off and back in several times, still no luck.

Painthappy just sent me a test pm, but again, I sent response and system did not acknowledge any went out. The Item Sent file keeps reading zero. If anyone can pm Painthappy for me, be much appreciated...

Painthappy, I hope you see this, can't pm you back. Still not working.
Thanks for trying...

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I replied to your pm's.. It looks good.

Are you "saving" your sent PM's?

Click this link:

Scroll down to the "Private Messaging" section.

Make sure the "Save a copy of sent messages in my Sent Items folder by default" is checked off.

Could be your problem.
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