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Panther Xtreme Paintball -- 2010 Scenarios and Woodsball

$25.00 per player
(includes air fills and rentals if needed)


$90.00 per Case of 2000

$50.00 per 1000

$30.00 per 500

Sign in 8:30 - 9:30

Game Start 10:00

Pre sign up a group of 5 before February 19, 2010 for only $100.00 ( $20.00 each)

February 21 Big Game / Scenario
St Valentine's Day Massacre IV

It's the Capone Mob against the Cops in this Big Game. Oh and don't forget those noble Concerned Citizens. Three factions battling it out during prohibition. The Gangsters are trying to transport their illegal bottles of "moonshine" from 2 separate "stills" to their safe house. The Concerned Citizens are out to gather the 'hooch", since it is prohibition, they will be keeping it for themselves.The Cops want to confiscate it and store it in the "Police Sation". Who knows who will steal what from who?

As usual we will be awarding bags of paintballs to the team scoring the most points during each of the time limit games. And the usual draws at the end of the day.

April 25 Mechanical Rules / Big Game / Scenario
Remember the Alamo

Remember The Alamo will be a new experiement in paintball Scenario Games. it wil be a Mechanical Paintball Big Game, all guns used will be mechanical trigger, if you are using a electronic paintball gun, (meaning one that requires a battery in order to make the trigger fire), you must use a 40 round gravity fed loader on your paintball gun. All non battery firing paintball guns can use any loader they want.

The players will be divided into 3 teams

Each team will take turns being one of 3 Squads

Cowboys, Indians, & Mexicans. ( not politically correct names , but bear with us this takes place in 1836 ans we have fudged history a bit for this game. )

The Cowboys will be defending the flag in the Alamo fortress for the length of each game.

The Indians will be trying to retrieve the flag and take it to their base ( reservation)

The Mexicans will be trying to capture the same flag and take it across the border to Mexico.

The Cowboys are allowed 5 outriders who can leave the Alamo fortress to cause havoc and spy on the opposing forces. Until the flag has been taken, the Cowboys must remain inside the Alamo. And should they then retrieve their flag they must return it right away to the Alamo, and all Cowboys must then return to the Alamo within 1 minute of the flags return or be eliminated ( ref will signal when flag is in the Alamo and if it has left)

May 30 Big Game / Scenario
Gangs in the Streets IV

Gangs have been told by Police surrender or be taken out, the Police are offering a reward for every Gang Hood that turns in its Colors. The Gangs have said no way, and are ready to fight to protect their Hoods

The Concerned Citizens are fed up and taking matters into their own hands, and the Cops are trying to restore order, by eliminating everyone.

Each Gang has a color (Flag) to protect, while trying to take over other territories (collecting flags)

Always entrepreneurial Gangs have seen a way to score some ammo and cash to continue to wage their neighborhood wars, by turning in their rivals colors for cash.

The Concerned Citizens Have their own Banner to mark their safe house and are trying to eliminate all flags by collecting them and hiding them in their safe house.

The Cops are just trying to clear the streets of friend and foe, and confiscate all the “colors”, taking them to the police station.

July 25 Big Game / Scenario
Bomb Bomb Bomb Whos got de Bomb II

Information will come at a later date.

September 26 Big Game / Scenario
BC Bud Bowl V

While the Growers try to transport their illegal bales of "drugs" between safe houses, the Rippers are trying to steal it for their own use. and resale. all the while the Law Enforcement officers are trying to arrest and eliminate everyone.

What faction are you?

A Grower trying to protect and transport your illegal crop

A lazy Ripper trying to steal the bales of BC bud while eliminating the growers

Law Enforcement trying to restore order?

As usual we will be awarding bags of paintballs to the team scoring the most points during each of the time limit games. And the usual draws at the end of the day.

Regeneration will happen on the 15 minute mark of the each game.
( 3 regens per game)

November 28 Big Game / Scenario
Final Confrontation : Earth

They have come to our planet to feast, after consuming all the resources of their own world these star travellers have deemed Earth to be rich in food for them to survive. The humans have taken up arms to rid themselves of these interplanetary farmers, and are doing everything they can to eliminate the threat. Unfortunately the Aliens although out numbered by a great deal, have superior weaponry and firepower, and consider the Humans nothing more than a minor annoyance. During the first wave of battle the Aliens have used special weapons with different ammunition, any Humans marked with this unusual ammunition become undead Zombies ( after the next regen), wandering around in a small packs attacking any Human or Alien. The only way to eliminate the Zombie horde is with a head shot.

So Game play is simple:

There are 4 different Food factories the Aliens have set up on Earth, control of these factories is crucial, and must be maintained by flying the flag of the Alien Or Human team.

The Aliens start each game in the factories the Humans must attack and take over the factory and hold it @ each allocated time to earn possesion points. most points at the final horn wins

Teams will be divided 75% Humans 25% Aliens

First game some of the Aliens will be using a different colored fill of paintball, any human marked with that fill color will regen as a Zombie.

Game times will be 2 hours each, with regens on the 15 minute marks.

In keeping with our firepower balance theme the Aliens will be able to use any type of paintball gun on any setting, the Humans and Zombies are limited to single shot semi, anyone caught cheating in this mode, will be sent home.
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