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Black CCI Phantom w/ a few accessories

'Tis a sad day friends; my Phantom is up for sale.

Bought it about 3 years ago I think, played with it a few times but snipers spoiled me. I don't want to sell but I don't use it enough and the money could be put to better use somewhere else.

Okay shape, a couple scratches from the PO on the body and barrel. I got it as a RF back-bottle, 11" barrel. The rail was filed when I got, I continued to use it for my red dot (It's for sale if anyone's interested). The grips are not original, look to be WGP stockers.

- SC body, feed, dropout changer. I filed the feed gate to clear the dropout changer. I cut down the feed tube from 15rd to 12rd.
- Homemade velocity adjuster
- Homemade rain cover (Info here)
- Bottom line setup
- TechT iFit (No inserts)
- Original pump handle
- Ghost sight
- Rubber nubbin detent mod (RF body)
- Chrome trigger shoe (Spyder I think?)

Sticks out a bit more when grip frame is attached.

300 CAD

I know we pump players are cheap bastards . I'm reasonable though, PM me and we can work something out.

I'd prefer to sell everything in one shot but can remove things if absolutely necessary (who doesn't want more Phantom parts though? ). This will lower the price.

Post here first, then PM please. Cheers
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pm sent
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