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Cleaning internals, and perfecting the pump stroke

Well, before I take my buzzard apart, I would like to know any reccomendations as to how I can smooth out the pump stroke. It is already very smooth, but I am wondering if I could make it any better. I remember seeing a few tips, although I can't seem to find them again. Is the hammer supposed to have any grease on it? (Mine has some black looking grease on it). Any tips as to what I can do to make it that much better?

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First off, I would disassemble the gun and clean out all the old grease/oil/lube with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.

As for the internals. You can get some 600 sand paper and go over them lightly. I finish mine with the McDermott pool cue micro burnishing papers. They do a great job at finishing the surface. Then I use Mother's to polish them up.

Apply your lubricant of choice while reassembling.

If you have a SS snub you can polish the inside of the snub also. I used just the McDermott micro burnishing papers and then the Mother's polish.

You don't want to remove a lot of material on the internals and snub. just to make it smooth.
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I personally use a damp paper towel to clean the guts/snub. Then once everything is wiped dry the bolt, hammer, sear, powertube, and valve nut I.D. all get a mechanical polish with a Dremel and a nice wipe-down with a lint-free oiled cloth. Then reassemble and feel the smoothness. Also if your gun has a Stainless steel barrel, and you don't like the look of the portion that the pump rides on you can hit it with some white or grey Scotch-brite pads and that will give it a nice smooth even finish thus lending to an even better pump stroke. If your barrel is anno'd aluminum don't use Scotch-brite on it you will remove the anno.
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