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Spitting Air When Autotriggering

I've got a small issue with my Phantom when autotriggering...after the shot, it will spit some extra air down the barrel. When it does this, usually it will only be a little bit, but sometimes air will continue to shoot out the barrel until I release and pull the trigger again.

I'm using HPA (48/4500 Empire CF Tank, that is brand spanking new). Input pressure (according to the gauge in my CP on/off ASA) is right around 850. I also tried using CO2 (with a 9oz tank that I have), and couldn't replicate the spitting, but it has been pretty random when it does it, so I don't know if that mean anything or not.

It's got a red main spring in it right now, and the stock valve spring. It's all stock internals as well. It's a vertical air set up, with the un-gauged valve.

Anybody have any ideas as to what could be causing this?
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It might be a bit of debris on the cup seal, or a bent/sticky powertube. Try taking the valve apart, clean everything off, put a very small dab of paintball/air tool oil on the powertube (where it slides through the collar) and reassemble.
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Make sure the valve spring is seated properly too.
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Well, I just learned a lesson about buying used equipment...never trust the previous owner to know exactly what they are doing, no matter how much you trust said owner. Turns out there was no cup seal...whoever had owned it before had removed it and put it down in the valve body, effectively shortening the valve spring, but then never put another seal on the cup. Sheesh. Thanks for pointing me in that direction, and from now one when I buy used equipment I think I may start completely disassembling it before using it! lol
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