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Remedy for Lesser-Quality Field Paint and the Phantom?

Many of you have been there. Not all fields carry different levels of paint quality, more often than not you are stuck with "field" paint. In my case, I live near an indoor airball field that is open year-round, so while it's not my ideal situation it's still a way to play paintball.

I love running my Phantom stock class, an added bonus to indoor play during the cold months, but with the sucky field paint, shooting straight becomes even more of a struggle. Thankfully when I buy a bag, it gets checked to ensure there are no breaks and the amount of dimpled balls is low.

How do you stay in the stock class mode with not-so-great paint? Fire off more rounds than usual? Switch for a different marker (if you have one available)? Inspect each paintball, wipe them down? Lower the velocity?

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I don't play with FPO paintballs but if I had to I would use this:

Sized to .686 to catch only those paintballs that would be seated in a .686" barrel and leave the roll-throughs for months later when they should swell up by then
Slightly larger is fine

Even egg-shaped paintballs that fit .686 shoot nice in a Phantom (if they actually splat on the person)

That and a white old wash towel to keep them from getting dirty and inspect them for dryness
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That's a cool tool but 100 beans

There are some great FPO fields that I just don't play due to there crap paint options. I'm lucky my local shop has the best paint that's usable at the field they run another is BYOP. Really only one field that's FPO and has crap paint. But after talking to the owner, you can give him a heads up they will offer a better quality for some more cash. Haven't made the trip back but maybe an option for you.
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