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2 suggestions
1. Grow stronger (not picking on you, working out will make every facet easier)
2. look in the shotgun section of WalMart for a loop style sling. the front loops around the barrel and the back end loops over the buttstock

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How is your phantom setup? I have slings on all the guns I use for scenarios.

If you show us some pictures, I could help you.

Take a ring from a key chain or car keys. Put it around something. Then find a luggage strap with clips and clip right onto that ring. That is how I do it with all my stocks but dont know if you have a stock.

If you have a back bottle, you could put the ring around your ASA.
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When I worked in the county prison, all my pals among the correctional officer staff were always talking about how they needed a large(r) caliber handgun in case they were confronted by someone on "PCP" or "Angel dust".

Now... all they talk about is zombies.
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There was a Phantom I saw once (maybe here, maybe or SCP?) where the owner had installed a post-type thing, like some cell phone cases use to attach to a belt clip. This way the Phantom was just hanging there on his belt, but I'm pretty sure it was a MicroPhantom setup (6" barrel, short pump, and dropout valve), which is awfully light. I can't imagine any "full-size" Phantom would be comfortable to carry this way.
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That was Brad "Q" Nestle that made those. He's no longer in business, so you would have to see if someone else could make one. It was a pistol sized gun and he used the button and belt clip form a cell phone holder to make it. Don't think that there were very many produced. Cool idea though.
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if you've got a 45 frame, why not get a piece of webbing, and loop it around the bottom portion of the grip frame under the grips? it would be looped around the bottomline mounting holes.

that would give you a nice single-pointmethod of connection that would be out of the way of your pump


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If it has tits or tires its gonna cause trouble.

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I've played one scenario, and I was a medic with my VSC. (Ironically, I'm now working on my paramedic, but that's another story.) Anyways, I just used a very small diameter rope and some medical tape. Worked out pretty well; just slung it over my shoulder and got to work.
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I played my first senario game yesterday, i ended up being a medic so i decided to take my backbottle Phantom with a rifle sling. I attached one point to the pump handle and the othere to the buttplate on my 9oz. The sling worked great but i decided to play without the Phantom for most the day since i didnt get much time to shoot due to healing ppl.
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Ive been thinking about a biathlon type sling to get my sterling firmly on my back, the way you carry it like a backpack.
This will be my pump for shooting enemy tanks, so most of the time it will be on the back.
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a 3 point sling can be worn in back pack style, look for youtube videos for a demonstration

found:YouTube - Specter 3-Point Tactical Sling
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