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ur my sister
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played 1st time in over 10 years

well a buddy of mine invited me to go play with a group he works with. i had my markers sitting in plastic totes for years and decided to get them out and clean things up. i have a vertical phantom i run on a remote and two kingman hammers i keep as back ups. well got things all cleaned and fresh camo paint jobs. went to a local field for some open play today.

you would not believe the looks i got when they noticed i was using a pump gun. most didnt know what it was and were more impressed by the 50 rd hopper. it took a little getting used to but i got back into the swing of things. my 11" barrel just wasnt reaching out there so on went the nickel 14". that got things a little better. i think i shot maybe 120 rounds in 3 hours with there being 15-20 people. didnt even put a dent in my 9 oz tank. most of them were running through 20 oz tanks every coupld games and needed paint after each one. it is so nice to just take the essentials out and not have to worry about batteries, rain ruining your electronics or something failing and ruining your day.

needless to say it is good to be back into it and will have to keep this going. i get more adrenaline from this game then i do at work as a sheriff deputy. even played a little speed ball where i took out the remaining 3 guys by myself, i think there were 4 or 5 on each team. they dont know they are getting shot at when only 1 paintball whizzes by instead of 20.

keep up the good work out there pumpers and hang tough.
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Glad to hear you had a good time! Lots of things have changed over the past decade. Electros got hugely popular but there's been a recent resurgence of pump play, which is nice.

Andry : )

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Ditto for me today, most people hardly noticed the small 6" phantom in my hand. And most just sat back and long balled with rapid firing.
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ur my sister
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i just ordered some fresh paint and that will help a ton. hell i was shooting balls that have to be atleast 5 years old. always kept them inside in the closet so they were still round no dipples but they take a nasty turn right before they get to the target. makes long shots impossible.
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wow! yeah, fresh paint next time out will definitely help out.

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fresh paint is also the multi-year paint for practice shooting

old paint sometimes has the tendancy to become very hard and not break on impact readily and the lack of easy fracture can lead to some hard hitting 're-balls'

Avoid purchasing any wal mart monsterball paint
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hehe yes... avoid at all costs the monster balls. played with some monsterball lovin players two weeks ago and had been hit in the mask and lense twice with no break... I watched as the lense flexed inward... scared the crap out of me. Last game of the day they played you had to call yourself out (get hit as much as you wanted) two guys head to head in the open, one used monsterballs the other something good, full auto/ramping... idk what.. they were both shooting fast and every shot landed. Not one ball broke on the follow who was being hit by the monsters...
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