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s6 vs 6.5

i am going to pick up either a s6 or the 6.5 but i havent heard to many opinions on either side of these two guns so if anyone wants to help me by giving their opinions on either gun i would much appriciate it
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they're both amazing.

one is a halfblock, one is full body.

go with your personal preference!
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Not exactly what you are looking for but still some good comments on the 6.5
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Cant go wrong with either, it is ultimately up to you and what one you think looks/fits your style better. I love both of mine, and enjoy using them both equally. I really like how tight you can hug up behing the 6.5, but in all honesty its doesnt make you much smaller in profile, but it just feels so right to me to get the gun back as close to my face as i can. The 6.5 and T2 are very comfy for me, but so is the S6. I have no complaints with any of them.

The only real advantages i can think of the 6.5 over the s6 is the weight, and size, but i would go more on looks as to which one you prefer. They both will take the same pump handle too so that rules out those options being a deciding factor.
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Depends, if your looking to buy new or used. There arn't many used 6.5's yet, another month or two and the whores will start to liquidate. So right now the only option is to buy a new 6.5 for around $650 in gloss or $550 in dust ( I prefer gloss). However you can pick up a used S6 for about $350 -$450 in gloss and even cheaper in dust or buy a new gloss for about $600 after shipping. Used market, I say buy an S6 they seem to shoot essencially
the same and you'll save some coin going that route. Once you've played with it for a while you can sell it for what you have in it. (S6 seems to hold it's used value very well) Then get yourself a bright shiny new S6.5 or if your lucky one of us whores will be trying to free up cash for a new toy and sell one used much cheaper.
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the 6.5 also gets rid of the beaver tail.
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I shoot an S6, I love it to death. I love the feel of the frame, (I dunno if the frames on either are different or not) But I wouldn't go and trade mine for a 6.5 if I had the chance, I love mine too much. I don't know if the pump handles are different or not, but I love mine on my S6, I have nothing against either of the two, I'm personally more fond of the full block style, I think it looks better then the half block but that's my choice.
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