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And some people are just really stupid

An ebay listing, now this sale is for a ccm barrel and sizer ONLY
but he listed it with a picture of his T2 marker and the barrel attached to it...
Now he does state in his description that marker is not included but i guess people do not read...
And he will recieve whatever the bids end at and the person buying it, will recieve a barrel and sizer only for the sweet cost of more than 150.00

Link to the ad, LOL some people need to wake up

dust black ccm t2 10" barrel .679 autococker pump | eBay
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you see that alot in ebay scene, it is just wrong, if I have a marker I am selling and say I want to keep the regulator I will state it clearly and in Bold text.
Alot of Misleading ads out there!
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I saw that yesterday - decided someone really wanted a CCM barrel... mis-read is not necessarily mis-lead, but I think the winner will be in for one big surprise/disappointment... again, not unless they just are really in need of said barrel and sizer.
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I don't feel bad for people who don't read full descriptions on things they buy online, it is annoying when they don't and write useless PM's or emails asking things answered clearly in the listing. If someone pays too much, its their fault for being lazy.

This is why I no longer mess w/ PBN, people over there just look at pictures and go "do want, will you trade for my leet junk that's 1/3rd of the value of your stuff even though you clearly wrote no trades that I am too busy to read???"
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I've been trying to sell an All American barrel on Kijiji since December... posted a picture of it on my Tac One (Longbow kit attached) along with pictures of barrel alone.

Ad title lists a barrel, start of the ad has big bold lettering saying only barrel for sale, middle and end have same bunch of text... and yet I get at least 2 replies a week people saying $40 for the gun???!?!!?! Or they just waste my time and ask $40 I'll meet you here and I have to remind them its just a barrel and they don't reply. -_-
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That is craziness, really.
Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
I don't care what anyone uses to play - just don't be a douche to your fellow players. Its the golden rule.
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Yep i agree, I looked at the t2 myself, seen the bidding was at like 41.00
decided to keep it on my watch list after i read that it was barrel only and sizer
just to see who did not read it correctly and is buying possibly a 200.00 barrel and sizer only...

Some person on the other end will be recieving a barrel and sizer next week, all the while thinking he just got a T2 for dirt cheap...
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I'll bet the guy realized it 5 minutes after placing the bid.
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dunno, there is no way to warn the people bidding, I was going to message them to tell them to retract...
Look at the other items the guy has for sale, 3 barrels total, pictured on markers and than of course saying marker not included....People just really need to read, to many jerks out there trying to rip someone, but it is the persons fault that does not read it...
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I've gotten negative feedback on Ebay before from a buyer who was too lazy to read my listing. I was selling something with an E-Blade and he thought he was getting it with a Zero-B, even though I CLEARLY listed the board was stock E2 and even listed the exact version. He didn't even bother to contact me before leaving negative feedback.

Things like that REALLY peeve me.
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