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Yep, absolutely put me down for one of these!
Put me down for TWO if they're threaded for Nemesis, yum yum!
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Forgetten weapons had the Pancor Jackhammer vid that came up on my youtube feed. Another way to do a cam'd gas seal on a revolver (same as the webley fosbery revolver).

Got to thinking, stock class pump revolver?
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Not to Necro a thread but this was sneakily dropped in another revolver thread and I thought it best to ask questions about it here rather than over there.

My questions is do you have velocity comparisons between classic 3357/vigilante revolver vs this beast? I ask mainly because I would assume the "powertube" is more centered on the ball than the 3357/vigilante revolver which I believe is off center due to being a mod of a pellet gun with smaller barrel, and the air does not need to travel through what amounts to an adapter for the cylinder

Have you by chance played around with making a larger volume air chamber to see if that has any effect on velocity?
Feedback here

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Yes, this has been floating around for a few years. This one was designed for 68 caliber but lacked the power. I even modded the valve but to no avail. It came back to life when I read about the 50 cal FS. If I continued with it the 50 cal would bring the valve really close to center. We have a few ideas that would help with that. The velocity with the 50 cal was as high as 350fps and stayed in the 300's for a few shots. My testing of the 50 cal was just shooting at my 43 cal. target set up. The 50 cal fs was pretty dismal to say the least. My 43 cal would out shoot it all day at the 20 yard test. I used 2 different barrel id. .500 and .535 The .500 was a little better but not by a lot. I was expecting the 50 Cal to be an easy 40 yard projectile. Not even close. Even at 20 yards. I will be eagerly awaiting this new revolver.

This is when I was doing 40 caliber.There was no flier. Paintball rolled out.
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