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JT D.I.Y. Thermal Lense 2.0

cause my ca. 15 years old Lense cracked finaly (the inside one) so i had to think about ... !?!?!?

Cause i got a free bad lense one from a friend i thought using her much stronger front lense to build a much more lifetime, stability etc. inside lense out of !!!

As seal i used is a line which you use to hang on wet clothes, i only removed the wire from inside for more flexibility but i go Change this cause sheīs red, as soon i found some black well Fitting hose, foam etc. for this Job !!!

Cause the D.I.Y. inside lense fits very well, so the ends(sides) of the inside lense will get pushed Forward by the Frame against the seal.

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Interesting, sounds like a potentially good solution for implementing on a brand new lens. I'm gonna go ahead and be that guy though: if your lens is 15 years old, spend the $30 or so and buy a new one. The risk of it shattering is not worth it

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Mini a t2 or s6/6.5
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Yeaahhh buying a new one would be an Option but the Quality of them isnīt getting better so my experience !!!

I think my front glas is still in fine condition, no cracks etc. and i do take care about my mask, more than to other paintball things (i just shower her with cold water for cleaning this is also is healthy for the straps but they also have an easy life cause "double strap=half stress", store her onfield in the shadow for dry UV-Light is killer, always on top when transport her in her bag).

I think itīs a crime to sell thoose low Quality and low Lifetime lenses !!!
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Interesting is the material you used for the gasket like a large o-ring? What keeps it in place and dose it seal all the way around? Love to find a fix for the garbage Kee lenses I have a bunch that delaminated.
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Yes itīs like a slime hose or like a large, long o-ring. Need to get a black one for and may 1-2mm more Diameter for more seal pressure.

Just by the pressure the seal fits and stays in place(the inner lense got contact on the outside with the Frame so sheīs getting pushed Forward and cause she is flexible enough she pushes on the complete surface)
Installing will be, first the nose side(bottom) of the lense Needs to be put into the 4 Clips, than put the new thermal lense behind, so now youīre ready to push in the hose seal into it holds by friction i used a Slim file taped so she makes no scratches, the both Ends should be tight together so by pressing the lenses together and Close the Frame they will grow a bit cause they got pressure.

Hope you understand what i tried to explain !?!?!? If not, just go on ask
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So iīve found the perfect seal material !!!

I used an old Mousepad(the foam of), cut it out by using the Thermallense2.0 as size(negative). Cause there was still some glue which has connected the surface of the pad on the foam it sticks well enough, so i donīt had to use some extra glue. Installation is als much easier cause there is no movement of the seal and the best i think itīs much better looking in black !!!

I also thought ... if you would have a permanent thermal lense you just Need to buy a single frontlense each year so the costs should be lower for the customer and mother nature too and the lifetime of the thermal lense would be many years iīm shure. No glue needed on outside lense is also healthy for plastic i think, 2.0 lense seals just by pressure and on the inner thermal lense glue could be aggresive and it still would be save.
Shure Change a JT lense isnīt that easy(comfortable) like on other masks but i would say if you Change it more than ones a year you do stress yourself. Use shower with cold water it will reach each Little gap of your mask, after use dry kitchen paper to suck up the water and dirt which is in the face foam and let her dry not in sunlight, done !

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They warn that some glues will weaken the lens.

Only reason I wouldn't wish they made them this way is the extra weight on my face
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Iīm shure a factory made one more Slim(flat) and already with radius(not flat like the stock ones) with less weight is possible too, but i have to use what i got, to donīt waste Money !

Whatīs your neck made of ??? I donīt realy feel a hugde difference between, this few grammīs are a joke for each neck !!!
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