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Lever action PGP

I totally ripped off another member's idea, but it was far too good to pass up

pics (taken with my cell phone because my camera has gone AWOL somewhere in this house. Excuse fuzzyness):

In her shiny glory


Supposed close up of the lever mechanism (and the slightly steampunk nut that I tacked welded to the cocking rod)

Spacer I drilled and tapped to accept the machine screw I used

This cost me exactly $0. I found a machine screw laying around on a bench (hope it wasn't for anything important), drilled a hole through the grip frame, nabbed some 5/16 cold rolled steel to make the lever from work, bent it to kinda match the angles of the grip frame and welded it together, drilled and tapped it to accept the screw I'd found, then drilled a small chunk of cold roll steel to act as a spacer and a sort of backing nut to keep the lever from spinning itself off. This is assisted by some locktite of course but I figured it was an almost genious plan to keep everything together. Then I grabbed a 3/16 6010 welding electrode and proceeded to bend up a new cocking rod. (perfect fit to the hole for the original cocking rod)

I'm rather please how this turned out, and it didn't take me long at all. Everything just kinda fell together
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That is really cool! I want a lever action so badly these days. Good job on it.
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Brass and Wood Fan
Pretty cool. Now make a shiney brass one!
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Here you go : Sergi's Milling Madhouse

Ken W
I'm just a glorified drill press operator.
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Levon, Nice work!! I enjoy seeing new and different thingS!

Ken, he's done some serious Milling to one of those PGPs!
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