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My M24A2

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Originally Posted by mpsd View Post
Is that a mech Ion? Mind posting a clearer pic of the grip frame without the grips?
Sure thing:
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Originally Posted by volunteer paintball View Post
If you are taking trades I'll trade you a used PK5 and a Swedishly used Waylost (this one's pretty rare)

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I know a lot of you followed my build, but for those of you that just scroll the pics thread. Here is my masterpiece.

Shooting Video
My ebolted 68 carbine - YouTube

The list of mods, upgrades, and custom pieces is far to long for me to want to list them. If you really want know, you can read my build log.
Regarding My eBolt 98:
Originally Posted by danssoslow View Post
That is legitimately bad ***. Not "if Tippy's are your thing" kinda cool; but "you can shove your four figure, anodized, billet wizbang up your ***!, bioch!" kinda cool.
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Originally Posted by Buwaro View Post
I actually read your entire thread, its what made me really want to do this. ...your build is what made me say hell yes, I'm doing this.
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Good day,

I always wanted a shotgun paintball marker, many said: Rap4 or DSG, yes, they are all nice looking but not real shotgun spread action that I was looking for.

Today I am sharing my controversial EGL-47 shotgun (sabot shots) information, It started as an incomplete stand alone project in 2010, worked on Stock, ANS Jack hammer cocker regulator, a bunch of brass 1/8 NPT couplings, gauges, milled Spyder grip frame (because it had enough aluminum to machine properly), M203 ladder frame for a sight.

Base engine is:

215-225 FPS
effective range ~60' to 90', spread is ~60" @ 60'
62 shots out of a 90ci 4.5kpsi
I carry 24 shots on me, (12 on the front of the vest, 12 in a backpack)
Huge (I mean HUGE) dump pouch for pods and shells to pickup on your travels.
The bandoleer is made from HopsHolster beer belt.
the individual shot containers (pods) are from the Dollar store, 1.50$ for 2 of them spice containers, they are the perfect size for my shots.

The shot shells themselves are as cheap and as safe as I could make them, I try to recoup them when I can, some have been shot 5-6-7 times each and show signs of fatigue (moisture, paint residue from the ground, feet prints, tears). The shells are made from discarded toilet paper rolls, it takes 2 cardboard rolls to make one of my shells and regular ~1/8" thick cardboard from packaging to make the top (~43.5mm) and botton (45.5mm), I use nylon tape to hold the shell together, ALL shells that I have fire have deployed without any issues.

I recently shot a KNA KR1 rocket with it, its a tight fit (from 2" to 47mm) but it flew very well.


Attached Images
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Here's a somewhat outdated video of the EGL-47 shotgun in action. Matt will shoot something more in-depth soon.
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This device is supposed to be mounted underneath a rifle like the M16 ... an adapter for the A5 was also produced years ago.

To it was a steel MIG welded box screwed on to it using the existing mounting holes, adapter ports for an Tippmann A5 Commando stock, some rubber silencers and 1/4" bolts to hold it all together and minimize any loose. A Picatinny rail to mount the M203 flip up ladder sight (I use the tip of the top of the launcher as a gauge to box in the target).

The Spyder grip had enough meat to mill properly to mount around the launchers back and into the steel box, I "recycled" the rest of the spyder marker.

ANS Jackhammer II Autococker Reg .. or any other that has 1/8 NPT in/out, 100 to ~250psi output would have done in my opinion, refill rate of the rather large dump chamber not important with such a slow ammo reload.

I found that using such a shotgun at Milsim/Woodsball event, 225fps is plenty, I can evenly paint insides of stair cases, floors, window frames. Another aspect is the "beat" aspect : in the sense that when its shot, there is a pause on your opposition, your team is setting their pace, I can hear them say "Quick he is reloading" ... they also know that I never travel alone and have several team mates ready to welcome them... so taunting them by showing signs of slow reload and/or setting the pace on them are aspect that I have come to see when using that setup.

My MCB Feedback

Random adjustments = Waiting for a miracle -M.Crisp.
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Most of my Markers are custom mods probably wont ever buy a new pre built other than a spacegun ever again

I have no problems with that

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This one has been in this thread a couple times, different each time. It was a semi, a pneumatic assist pump, an open class pump and now finally back to its roots, stock class.

CCM grip and pump kit, freak bored like Walz, cocker detent. See how she does at PRZ tomorrow.
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WW1 & WW2 markers




owen smg

bonds feedback:

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