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In the six years I've played paintball I've had quite a few guns in my hands. Some stuck around for awhile, while others quickly went on to find new homes. I've never had any real "vintage", but still a pretty decent variety. Having owned a good bit more than many of my friends and other local players, I've earned reputation as a decent tech and many come to me with their gun issues. But my learning experiences were not without their fair share of hard learned lessons. Here are two such instances that I thought I would share, and two very important lessons...

Case 1: My first Autococker
One night while in my room I decided my Autococker's in-line reg (an Air America Vigilante) could benefit from a good tear-down & cleaning. So first off comes the tourny cap. Nothing unusual there. So now I start backing out the adjustment nut on the reg. If you've owned one of these you know this nut is pretty big, much bigger than anything you find on most modern regs. It's a big ol' piece of brass maybe a hair under 3/4" in diameter, maybe a bit longer in height. So I'm turning this thing out, and man is it fighting me! What the heck... it doesn't normally give me such a hard time!? Almost out, man I've had to crank on this thing... BAM!!! Just as I approached the last 2-3 threads the nut comes flying out of the gun, internals right behind it! The nut put a nice hole in my drywall, washers & springs are now hiding in every corner of my room. I'm cusing up a storm, my mom in the next room over is yelling at me for that, while I yell at myself for being so stupid!

Lesson 1:
  • Always remember to remove your air source before you do any kind of disassembly! Regulator parts often have no trouble hurting you or drywall with 850 psi behind them

Case 2: Testing a used gun while house sitting
It had finally arrived! I picked up a used Tribal Mephisto on eBay and was very excited to get it out and give it a go. This particular weekend I was doing some house-sitting for some friends from church. Nothing big was asked of me, just don't make a mess and take out the dog from time to time. It was Saturday, I was playing Sunday. Well I guess I'd better gas up this Tribal and make sure everything was in working order. It was a nice gun in good condition. Had a DYE Xcel barrel, another Vigilante regulator and of course the best part... a MacDev LPR. Now which part is more guilty coudl still be debated, however... I gas up the gun "boom boom boom!" Shoots just fine, and I let it sit for a moment. BAM!!! I screw of the tank and it takes a moment for me to realize what has happend. With my ear still ringing as though a shotgun went off next to it, I give the gun a once over. The super awesome incredible MacDev LPR is gone! But I need that! It replaces the super awesomely crappy stock AOC! Where did it go!? Oh I will tell you where it went!

It went flying through the living room window, thru the screen, accross the street and landed on the sidewalk. It was a little scratched up, and let me just remind you this house, the one with the now broken window... not mine!

Upon further inspection the problem came down to 2 faulty parts. A Vigilante regulator that didn't do a whole lot of regulating and an LPR with it's threads incorrectly cut. It seems the LPR could hang on as long as the pressure kept low, but as soon as the in-line reg failed it transformed into an excellent window breaking machine! Since then I have experienced this problem with as many as 5 Vigilantes, regs that just stop on you and let 850 psi slip right on by!

Thankfully I could fix the Tribal. My teammate Bruce works for a window business so we fixed it before the owners got home! Things could have been ****tier I suppose... oh wait... I forgot to mention the dog crapped all up and down the steps and I had to clean that up too!

Lesson 2:
  • Inspect used guns VERY thoroughly
  • Acquire friends/teammates who can fix things that break
  • Never assume regs don't fail
  • Dog poop stinks

Seeing as I have a tiny history of exploding guns and such, perhaps the C-3 is not the best gun for me, but I've been lucky from time to time! Hope this is one of them!
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