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My miraculous shot story is not a shot per se, but a grenade throw. It was back when you could buy the pull fuse m69/a2 strange ordinance grenades. I was playing a 24 hour scenario game and got lost in the dark. After wandering around I saw a lighted tent. Thinking I had gotten turned around I head towards what I assumed was my base. I'm about 60 -70 feet away when I realize its the wrong color! The only reason they hadn't heard my was because the tent was full of people looking at a mission card and map. So I dig this 'nade out of my jacket pocket, yank the cord, and throw with all the umpf I've got. It arcs in clean, bounces of a guys chest, and lands spinning on the table. Above all the chatter there's a clear "what the ____" and then the POP. The ref who was in the tent called every body out. I got the side general, two team captains and another 6 guys. I cleaned out their props box and hauled enough points back to ensure our sides win.
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Once I was playing with my phantom and I think I had too small of a detent ring in cause I tore quite a bit of paint that day. Me and my girl friend were playing a 2v2 from the start we both chose our "targets" and I was in a crazy snap battle about 60 yards apart. After about 15 rounds I got a barrel break but being too cought up in the moment I fired off a shot anyways. The ball took a NASTY curve to the right, went up then at the last second ripped back left almost around the bunker getting him square in the chest. I was stunned and was like no way!! Then I turned and saw my girl friend pinned down and could only see the muzzle and feed neck of the other guys tippman and fired off another shot. The ball flew a similar but less extreme corkscrew and nailed him in the feedneck. And I was just in awe like OMG THANK YOU!

But the most BS shot I ever took was on a tire field. The field had just stacks of tires all about the same height. The game started and I was in the back left. A player was on their back right shooting cross field at me. His shots were hardly making It halfway so I didn't take him too serious. After a few shots I looked back at him saw a ball fly to the 50 bounce off a row of tires, fly to the 20 and bounce off another stack of tires and smack me in the face. The damn ball skipped across the field and gogged me. I was beyond pissed but it was like HOW IN THE HE'LL DOES THAT HAPPEN!
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I think my best one was on the x-ball field with my trracer, 1 shot at the back right, from under the center X.Perfect dead center on the lens. Talked to him after, he was like, I just popped out and then I see a piantball in my face.
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1 v 1 at the local field, at their indoor. Just my friend and I. Was using a pump, can't remember which but it was my first time using pump. He had a cheap semi. The field is in an old airplane hanger, so the sliding doors were partly cracked open with sun light shining through. He runs by. I pump, aim, pull trigger. I see the yellow fill explode from the tip of his shoulder, and it looked golden and heavenly with the sun shining through it. Magic.

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I was on my college's NCPA team, and as part of the paintball club, we sponsored a paintball outing for anyone at the school that wanted to try it out. The other team members and I took turns between reffing games and playing. One game, my side started at the bottom of a hill and we had to fight our way uphill. There's a guy at the upper left corner of the field that is really preventing us from moving any farther uphill. I was able to work my way up to about 50-80 feet from him, but I couldn't hit him no matter what I tried (it was a bunker made out of dead limbs and twigs). Finally, I could see him shift right, and I saw daylight through a tennis-ball sized hole in the bunker, then he shifted left again, covering the hole. I aimed where I thought the hole was, and pulled the trigger on my Vector. The loud crack of the shot was met with an even louder scream. I had 1-ball, nut-shot the guy through the hole in the bunker.

It was really one in a million :-)


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Oh so many good ones...

I think my most memorable one though was a game of "Storm the Fort!" 2004.

We had this 2 level fort that stood in the trees about 10 feet high at the bottom of a hill, my buddy Kevinder's the last one in there and its me and another guy left on my team.
I made a rush down the embankment with my old pump action Kingman Hammer under a barriage of heavy fire from his Spyder Pilot on full auto accompanied by an E-triggered A5 he was dual wielding like a severe case of ADD without the Ridalin!

I made it under the fort where we then had a standoff, him on on the ground.

Impending doom favored me greatly as "Kevinder the Maniac" shoved the barrels of his 2 guns through the holes in the floor and fired wild bursts trying to take me out with as many balls per second to cranium as those two old mechanical fullies could throw at me!
...I hugged a tree.

...After what seemed to be forever the firing stopped and a stalemate ensued! It was getting dark...My second man off cowering in the trees near the top of the hill hoping for "Krazy Kevinder" to make a mistake and show himself in one the windows while he aimed his Flatline carefully...It never happened.

I gingerly stepped away from the tree in which I was hugging and poped 1 shot of at a wall made from a tarp hoping the loud crack! of the tarp would scare him and give away his exact position in the heavilly fortified bunker...

The loud crack of the tarp never came...

I only heard a smack! and a faint groan followed by the sound of the lumbering 6'6" giant hitting the floor!

I asked if he was hit...Silence...This little person fearing the wrath of the Lenky Kevinder proceeded to hug the tree again untill Kevinder finally said...

Out, I'm hit.

Alas! I win! With only 1 exact precice shot I defeated the Krazed dual wielding monster known as Kevinder and win...

Did I mention win? Ah yes.

As the towering giant crawled down from the fort it was apparent that my shot at the tarp had made it's way to the side of his neck, HaHa! I say!...

And OwOw he say! The beast bled from the point blank shot to the juggular but nay from any cuts! The wound seemed to bleed from out his pores and to this day he still bears the mark of "The Pump Action Prophet!" as a warning to take heed from the great Prophet and a reminder to those who may have forgotten!

It's really all in how you tell the story I suppose....
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Saturday afternoon I was shooting really rawnchy field paint that was curving really bad. Think apex barrel without doing anything. So I'm just taking random shots at this dorito just to keep this kid pinned because I couldn't shoot anything out. I took a shot and the ball completely missed the dorito entirely. I see that ball curve right when this guy in the snake popped out and it hit him right in the neck from behind. Pretty cool shot.
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I was the recipient for one, and was pretty happy about it.

I was trading longball shots with a friend for about a minute, when I heard someone else from my group (also on the other team) coming around the corner behind me (close). He was closer, so I turned to deal with him first. Here he comes around the corner, and behold there's 2 of 'em. I promptly fill my shorts, and at the exact same time the first guy hits the back of my revvy right below the lid. I'd rather take one in the hopper at range than half a dozen in the gut from danger-close any day.
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I've got one that I've never ever figured out how it worked.

My son and I were playing one on one. We had built a small spool field with 36"-40" diameter and 16"-20" in width spools. We were both tucked in behind apposing spools, straight across from one another about 20 yards away. He decides to be a smart *** and shoot thru the middle of his spool. I'm tucked in tight to the spool and feel the hit in my side. I look and he's shot thru the his spool, across the distance and then thru the hole in my spool. Not splatter but a whole ball. The holes in the spools were only about 4-5" in diameter. I can see if he had not shot thru the center of his...but with the small hole limiting the tragectory of the just puzzles me to this day.
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The last time I was playing I got the last elimination of a game, caught a kid peaking out the wrong side of a bunker and not watching his off side. I one balled him in the hopper and popped his lid open
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