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Still playing and one more year to the five O and sometimes I feel it too.

Ken W
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Location: Southern Maine

I am 25 and just started the sport. Sure i will be playing for a while though. The best player at my rec games is a 12 year old that looks even younger. I think it is because he doesn't have to crouch behind bunkers and hay bails like we do lol.
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I drive the boat.
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I'm 40 and still at it.
Paintball is fun!
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Location: victorville ,Cali

51 and woodsball...Here's a kick,my dad started at 70 and stopped playing at 74.He's still pissed that i sold his Spyder.....
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ton up boy
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Location: Finland

I play snake, and pretty agressively, 34 this year. I think my knees got a few years until I gotta switch to playing mid/insert.

Woodsball, speedball, scenario, I always play the same style.
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33 here

Still in the snake in airball, still in the front in woodsball

Keep your weight low, keep up the aerobic exercise during the week, come hydrated to the field and don't exceed your abilities, you can play this sport until your 80

The sad truth about paintball, is compared to MANY other sports and activities, it doesn't require a tremendous amount of physical ability. If you want to feel old, play something like ultimate frisbee, THEN you'll really feel your age. But in paintball? ESPECIALLY airball?

Run 60 feet, stand there for 2 minutes, move up 40 feet, repeat..

I think I honestly travel more distance getting my mail at my mailbox, than I do in two games of xball LOL
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Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario

36 and I play whatever they let me. I love it all and can roll with the best of them. I might not win but I always have more fun so in the end that's all that matters.

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I'll be 32 in about 2 weeks and still play woodball.
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Yep, 39 at the end of the month and still play sup air and woodsball. I'm 3rd youngest on our squad, most are 40+, couple of over 50s and one over 60.
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