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Originally Posted by Flint View Post
Some in the PB industry actually support this bill, as long as it excludes speedball (yes, not paintball, but speedball)
If that were the case, then I hope to go to "Massive speedball tourny-Oklahoma D-Day" some day.

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This saddens me.

I hate California's government.

Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
The prototype is usually the hardest - then come the refinements then the ooohs and the aaaahs but they are always preceded by the !#@!@#! and the !#!!#@!% and the GAAAAAAHS
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Originally Posted by shadow_772 View Post
If that were the case, then I hope to go to "Massive speedball tourny-Oklahoma D-Day" some day.
I think the person in question, would rather see D-Day gone altogether as he objects to "war games"
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Originally Posted by slinger View Post
This saddens me.

I hate California's government.
Remember, it's a representation of the people of our state. Those representatives are there because the majority of us Californian's voted them into office, or failed to vote against them.
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sigh... the government is worried about how to create more jobs and build the market and the economy but all they do is pile on more red tape...
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Originally Posted by mxmtl View Post
Or people, especially kids, treat toy colored paintball markers and airguns as toys instead of the respecting them for the amount of injury that can be inflicted if they are not treated with the same safety and respect like real guns.
good point too. says you, as i stare at my old spyder and automag on which there is an anodized warning starting with "this is not a toy."

isn't this a valid reason to be against the bill? anyone who has ever played knows the destructive power of air guns. they are definitely not toys, and so it should be reasonable to knock down this bill because it gives officers a false sense of security.

maybe the proponents won't believe it until cops start dying, which is too bad.
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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
here's link to the bill info. the most recent one has cross out all description and simply wants to repeal government code 53071.5.
Bill List

here's the link to government code 53071.5 which excludes air guns in the penal code section 16250.
California Government Code Section 53071.5 - California Attorney Resources - California Laws

here's penal code 16250, it does state "spot marker."
California Penal Code Code Section 16250

so they really are trying to include paintball with it. they are just trying to repeal an exception that protected paintball guns.
16250 does not seem to include 68 caliber paintguns. It says 'not exceeding 6mm'. Either way, if they remove the exception, does that mean all imitation guns are banned?

Or am I reading it wrong?
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seems to exclude .68 caliber wonder if they were closing a loophole with using 6mm paintballs in airsoft guns
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