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I wasn't going to chime in on this, but I've decided that I will. Being from Maine and living in PA I've made sure to settle my life in an areas where I can use my carry weapon in defense of my home and life. However, my wife works in Maryland. MD is one of the least friendly states to being able to defend yourself. In MD you cannot fight an intruder that breaks into your home. You MUST retreat to a bedroom or closet before you are allowed to fire in self defense. MD also has no cross-state agreements with its neighbors, so if you don't live in MD, you can't carry in MD anyway. By MD law, my wife is forced to go into a crime infested area everyday and cannot use a firearm to defend herself. However, the non pistol type pepperball launchers are classified as pepper spray in MD. While I will say, without a doubt, that these have no place in paintball, they sure do have a place in my heart knowing my wife will be safer.

Now, why you would buy them from some kook in South Africa and risk getting a crappy product, when you can just pick up the phone and buy them direct from Pepperball is what I don't understand.
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I live in maryland best and only real legal defense is a really god alarm system and a big dog. Make sjre you get the sign that says beware of dog tho or youl have a problem there too. I dont really get carrying a weapon for.defense. a weapon is used as a last resort but if uv taken all the necissary precaustion tje situation wont ever get that far.
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Originally Posted by Legolas View Post
People have been seriously injured and even killed due to over-zealous law enforcement shooting pepper balls into crowds and hitting people in the eye/face/temple. I didn't go and look for it, but there was a well publicized incident when an officer fired pepper balls into a crowd of rioters (sports fans??? maybe in Canada even???) killing a young woman. Police are instructed to shoot at hard objects (ground, walls) near, around or above the intended targets to envelop them in a mist of capsesin (active ingredient in pepper spray/balls) and to not actually aim at or fire pepper balls at people. But... it doesn't always happen that way. I know that I've been hit in the head with a <300fps paintball and that left my ears ringing. I can't imagine being hit by a 350-450 fps round. Pepperballs=not news, no big deal maybe. Their sometimes questionable and careless use as a "less than lethal" alternative=BIG news, especially if the public/newsmedia/politicians make any connection between pepper balls and paintball (not really that big a stretch considering how genetically deficient we have become as a species). And I'm not sure about the legality of selling these to just ol' anybody on fleabay. but yeah... no biggie
The officer in that case wasn't "overzealous", he was "unqualified". Less lethal weaponry in the hands of the untrained (as the officer was) doesn't serve the purpose it was intended to serve.


Cool swag to promote your sport!

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Shipped price is valid to domestic buyers and will be USPS priority. International buyers are welcome, but will cover additional costs. Insurance costs are included. If you prefer an uninsured package, you the buyer will assume all risk once I ship.
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Thats actually why they changed the term from less than lethal to just less lethal. One implies a 0% death rate. Which is a liability nightmare. And the other implies its less likely to kill you. I mean even a taser can kill u
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"Don't pepperball me bro" just doesn't have the same ring:-D
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