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I'm not entirely sure I agree with the "get used to open class" first mentality. My first foray into the game of pump play was with a PMI-1 and I played with that marker for quite some time. Then I moved on to a Trracer...then a TASO Vindicator, then another PMI-1, then a Piranha LB and back to a Splatmaster. It all came back to wanting to be mobile and compact, and at the end of the day no open class marker was as fun as straight stock class.

That said, it's up to you. I just purchased a VSC Phantom because I finally had the money for something nicer than my past pumps. I expect to like it a lot.

I just don't know if there's a right or wrong way to get into pump play. I did it what some would call "the hard way", but I guess I wasn't worried about the learning curve. I still walk into every game I play with a pump expecting to get trounced. That motivates me to focus.

I wouldn't want to have started in open class and hated it, subsequently never trying stock class since that is logically a move towards being even more outgunned.

But maybe I'm just crazy.
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ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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Pretty much everyone here has good advice.
I went the opposite way to some, mech>electro>stock class>open class. For me I found that only having 10 shots at a time forced me to think more on the fly, develop my snap shooting and work on my mobility and field awareness. Its tough to begin with, but for me it was a VERY sharp learning curve. Also, as has been mentioned, never underestimate the intimidation factor of a stock class player going up against electros.

More than playing, run drills as often as you can, even in the back yard or park, there's heaps of training exercises you can do, with or with out a gun. Work on your flexibility and your agility, with an electro, the gun is what gets you through the game, playing pump, its all you.

One thing the group I play with are probably sick of hearing me say, the gun doesn't make the player.
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