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my emag hates me
I hate e blades
any stbb or tipmann/tippy clone that has so much milsim crap on it that you fill your work bench with parts just trying to get at that small broken piece that would have been easy to get to had the gun not been covered with junk.

sorry for three entries but one hates me, ones only a component, and the last one is really more of a group of guns.
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Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
Probably my BE Stringray II. Crap on 12'ies horrible plastic clamshell body held in place with crummy plastic pins. Worst part is I spent an additional $20 on a aftermarket barrel from BE that I thought would make it better.
Heh, I LOVED my Stingray the time. This was back around 1997 when my friends all bought TigerSharks, and I thought I was a badass for having a Stingray. We played in the woods with 12 grams and absolutely no concept of velocity adjustment -- the bruises and welps from those BE's in the woods are the worst I've ever had in paintball. And, yet, that's some of the most fun I've ever had in the sport.

Eventually I upgraded to the original green Raptor (not the later much ****tier 'Raptor'). THAT is the gun that I hate the most. That POS chopped every other round, and it was a pain in the *** to clean. I finally took it apart at one point and lost a couple of pieces and never bothered putting it back together. It's probably still in a bag somewhere in my old bedroom's closet.

I think the only gun I double un-dig is the Goblin launchers. They're a retrofitted airsoft design, and they are barely functional for use in paintball.
I have yet to figure out what niche use a person would have for a Goblin launcher.
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I'll probably catch a lot of flak for this, but...'s a tie between my very first Phantom or my PPS Pug.
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I had a gorgeous 4x4 shocker, purple to gold fade that I got almost for free. It didn't leak or have issues for months.....then like all of Murphy's law, it wouldn't shoot without bolt stick and it started leaking between the frame and grip!!!! I sold it as is for almost next to nothing.
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I hate tippmann 98's.

YES I owned one, yes they are fine for rentals. But they are aweful in comparison to many markers on the market today, Every shop with a 98 should liquidate every single one they own. Then use the money to buy FT-12's They work a billion times better for a rental/first gun

The 98's make me sad face due to: Open side cocking knob thingy. I hate it. dirt always gets inside of it and always makes it gross. the rubber knob at some point always falls off (interesting enough after 5 years I still have my rubber knob)

Off set feed: off set feed was SO COOL on old school markers. (IE Pre 2k cockers. old phantoms, Sheridan based markers) But 98's are not old school. they are just. Old.

The spring under the feedneck latch: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

They are long, heavy, silly markers.

Every rental field should be liquidate them to buy new rental markers, such as
Azodin Kaos's,
what ever else they can find that isnt a 98 or a 98 clone (BT-4)

Yes the BT-4 might be different in your eyes, sure they have a few different things. but they operate in the same way, look the same. they are clones.
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Evil Omen.
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Originally Posted by Tom Hering View Post
I got the chance, a few months later, to see a VHS tape that Line SI sent out to its dealers. It featured R.A. pretty much telling dealers that any problem an owner had with the Promaster was due to the fact that the owner just didn't have a clue. If they heard something that sounded like the ocean when they put their ear up to the gun, well, "maybe it really is the ocean they're hearing - ha ha ha." Seriously.
That doesn't surprise me. The guy was very unprofessional, and I started off being nice; he never was. He did take them back to work on again, but guess what, they still didn't work. Now, I will say that once the owners switched hands pretty soon after that, the gentleman that bought the company (I can't remember his name anymore...was it Jerry?) completely rebuilt my gun with a whole new body and internals and tried to make the gun work (the other guys' guns were long gone). He succeeded in making it work longer without the sear wearing out, but it still did. He was able to stop it from leaking from everywhere. When the gun worked, it was accurate and had a high rate of fire, for the time period.

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Originally Posted by NoForts4Me View Post
[Dobbins] was able to stop it from leaking from everywhere. When the [Promaster] worked, it was accurate and had a high rate of fire, for the time period.
You got to experience the gun's good side, then. I never did. Mine chopped paint like crazy, every time. All the adjusters built into the gun (too many?) didn't help. An industry insider told me the problem started with the manufacturing facility, located in Mexico. They couldn't get the tolerances right, or couldn't get them consistently right. Some guns that came off the line were good (and are still being used today), but most were bad. Very, very, very bad. I ended up just giving my $400+ Promaster away to another player - warning him that I wasn't doing him a favor.
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My Woodstalker Ion was a hated piece of equipment until I finally dominated it:
  • Replaced the Qloader with a Warp Feed and magically, all of the breach breaks/chops vanished
  • Replaced the APE Rampage Board with a Virtue OLED (damn repeated APE Membrane pad failure)
Now it slings paint with the best of them.

My Tiberius guns (all of them). It's seriously a love-hate relationship. They're the best FS shooting platform out there but, they are seriously below average in production quality and reliability. This relationship won't last another year.
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Originally Posted by Tom Kaye -in response to FS price critics
Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
First strike rounds punish lazy people. Don't be lazy and you won't have problems with first strikes.
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Thumper. Wanted to like it so bad. I was accurate with it and loved the feel of it, but it was so unreliable. When it broke it was a huge biatch to take apart. Broken pistons. Tons of pistons, o rings, regulator sticking. All of this while at SPE and it was my only pump gun. Once it was just chillin in my holster waiting for the game to start and co2 exploded out of what seemed like everywhere. No reason. I only ever played one full day with it without a breakdown.

One thing it's breaking down did for me though is introduce me to my new favorite pump, which I have finally gotten enough money together to buy as of today. Woot!

Hopefully thumpers become trustworthy, but mine **** on my heart. You dirty b...
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