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Used2B Bigbthebenji
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A K2, vm68, king cobra, 68 special, and another gun for $162 shipped.
365 cocker threaded 14 inch lucky un1tec barrels for $12 each
cherry red ptp micro e-mag for $200

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Original local shop always gave me free stuff whenever i came in for paint. Headwrap & barrel cover w/ store name on em, free squeegees, free pods w/ seconds, etc.

Bought a used package deal including 2 hpa tanks, a tx storm timmy, a dm5, & some knick-knacks for $500. Sold everything but the dm5, making back $460 total. DM5 cost me $40.

Bought a used dm7 for $275, guy threw in a used rotor for $20 extra, which was funny at the time cuz his teammate's jaw dropped like "wtf you selling it for?" Dm7 had a leak i couldn't solve (probably why he added the rotor), sold it for $250, so the rotor ended up being $45 in the end.
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A kid at the field gave me a KP-3.

A friend gave me a Zeus pistol. Picked up a PGP on eBay for $30. Traded both of them for a Punisher's Custom Vector.
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Post Whore
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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.. EH

30 AGA .62 cal Pistols. $800 + $70 gas and 6 hours of driving. Would have only been 4, but was going to my cottage after and left from the guys house and there was no real "short cut" per say.

KP2,KP3 and a Nice Custom mini mag with few barrels,stock frame and a proline response frame and Misc gear including a mask with a JT Camo Racing strap ( worth about $50++ to kiddies on PBN) for $270 + $40 gas and 4 hours driving.

As you can see I have no problem driving to meet people of Kjiji or online forums if its worth it.
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Back in 08-09 we won a 3-man tournament where the $ whet to charity. (shooting pumps vs semis) Part of the "winnings" were various soft goods. Somehow I got a NIB set of S/M Dye armpads. No way they'd fit me. Next weekend at the field a younger guy was looking for some armpads. I said I had some, shot him a price. Said he didn't have money but he had an Ion. I told him I didn't have the difference in cash on me, so he said let's just trade straight. As pictured with some Red upgraded bolt? I dunno...

And that's how I traded armpads for an Ion. Which I then sold to a friend for cheap.


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hmm $35 2k cocker with kapp hinge frame. I removed the gas through grip added a stab. Timed it and replaced a 3 way oring. Picked up a freak junior kit with 6 inserts $40. Shoots darts.

couple of classic mags and extras for $60 each. Made money on those.

okay deal: fixer upper zeus g2 for $20. Replaced orings and just need a new spring.
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Educated Donkey
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Brass and Wood Fan
2 PGs for $4 each
KP-2 for $50
VSC Phantom for $45
SMG-60 for FREE
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Post Whore
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full set of freak inserts with case because i stuck my hand up first.
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There is another thread similar to this one but the best scores I have had are/were my Stiffi Barrel for a stock Canon lens that I was never going to use. I got my non VX'ed Clone for $800 straight from my favorite shop that I no longer have access to unless I am visiting
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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i picked up an ICP B5 from craigslist for $70! traded it for a pumpmag after playing with it a bit... fun little tippman!
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