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$9 paintball markers:

Over at

They're having their super pre-black Friday sale right now and you can get the pump "Raptor" markers for $8.95 or some such ludicrously cheap price. I mean, sure they suuuuuuuck, but think of all the projects you could do. Heck, for less than a case of paint, you can get 4 markers!

Anyway, aside from that, there are some pretty good deal to be had.
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It sounds like invintory season is coming.
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I wouldn't take one of those things if ANS were paying ME the $9.
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I'm considering getting a bunch of these for a cheap game in the woods one time. Worst case they all break and I'm out 100 bucks. Whatever.
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Already bought one for the kid that needs a spare
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Most surprising part for me was that they're normally $50!

Add shipping and that's the most overpriced marker.... EVER.
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Wow it qualifies for free shipping too.

They must really want to get rid of them,
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We used to call this the "Shame-gun" cause if you actually got hit by it, SHAME ON YOU! I'm getting a few to have a Shame-gun challenge.
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I got two of them. I would love to complain about it but for the price, it is the symbol of what you get what you pay for.
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Build off?
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