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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
With all the drama, whining, superiority complex, and "you can't play here newbie" attitude I wonder if scenario paintball is attempting to take a lesson from tournament paintball on how to decrease interest.
Originally Posted by TechPB-Mike View Post
I don't particularly have any respect for players using a pump gun.
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Wow... That WAS pretty cool. Thanks
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Originally Posted by Zepulkinator View Post
Loved it!

The angles where people are moving up and the camera is moving up but at a different angle are really cool.

That song is by Imagine Dragons, right?
You gotta get Grief to come up and play
This spring at SG45 we are trying to have the biggest 3 man pump event EVER, plus you guys would be great to have roll with the SSC Pump Militia

Originally Posted by Orpackrat View Post
Nice shot of Black Sunshine rolling up Always love HellFish Videos, I use them a lot to show people interested in the sport how we play and how much fun it is.

I believe that is one of the guys that came over with Stanchy.
Yup..... ghillie and bright colors.... thats how my guys roll
There is actually a bunch of footage of the Minions and Militia runnin around, im just dyin to see the SSC Factory Turtles 3man footage!!!!
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I want to play so badly right now... Who is the artist that did the song?

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Quick question for Hellfish:

how long does it usually take you to put together a video like that? recording, splicing, rendering, and all?

or in other words: when can we expect another one?!
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this is an amazing video! Nicely put together
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Great video! You guys don't disappoint...ever!
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You guys rock!

The tune is Imagine Dragons: Radioactive

I do this for a living so I am always working on other projects as well but I get paid to make the SuperGame Event DVD. I put these out to get people pumped about the coming games. It takes about a week to produce a video I can feel good about putting out. I should have one out right before new years that I'm hoping is pretty sweet.

Thanks for the kind words guys!

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you should try to get a "thing" going of some kind, man. you really have an aptitude for capturing a game of paintball that most other people cant figure out how to do. your work stands out from the crowd for sure and it'd be awesome to see more videos from you, even if its a shorter format. you ever think about doing some kind of video blog or something?

most of what i can find is the supergame previews. i love the one where the guy is telling the story in voiceover while you watch the headcam footage of him barrel tagging someone.
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It'd be pretty cool to do a mini-series from player to player. Find a player that intrigues you at a scenario or a local field, hear their "story" out, follow them around for a few games for footage. rinse and repeat with a new player

I think it'd be a sweet way to show off your camera work (everyone here really loves your angles and how you follow the action) and a really good way to dig into the deeper parts of paintball unlike most videos. A lot of videos are really just the same kind of stuff, footage of pro teams bunkering eachother or ropes of paint flying through their respective lanes. It's nice to remember that the people playing are...well....people. HellfishTV is the perfect style for that I think.

Just a thought
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