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Originally Posted by visualreviews View Post
So here is the story.

last November i bought a mint KP3 and the seller refused to mail it to me using USPS. I told him that i have had horrible luck with UPS and would rather him use USPS. He ended up mailing it to me with UPS and give me the tracking number. It was estimated to be delivered to me in 4-6 days. A week goes and i didn't get the package, 2 weeks goes and nothing. After 4 weeks i look at the tracking online and it said its still in transit. I messaged the seller and told him i want my money back because i never got the package. He gave me my money back and he got his money from insurance with ups. Now its been over a year since he mailed me the package, guess what arrives at my door today. After one year and god knows what the package went through i have my KP3.

This is why i hate UPS.
maybe you can get even more money because it's late
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UPS is not as bound to regulations as USPS is. You can send drugs UPS and not get turned down and get your shipment... They get money up front, they charge more and 1 insurance claim versus 1000 items shipped is worth taking a hit on their end. At least it got to you and both parties are happy. Moral of the story is to get insurance.
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Unacceptable! The KP3 must be sent to me for proper disposal of such a tragic incident.
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Originally Posted by visualreviews View Post
See i'm a honest guy so i messaged the buyer and told him i got the package after a year and asked what we should do. he said that he got his money from ups so he's cool with it. But yeah i got a free gun because of UPS LOL
Ok im having everything shipped and insured with ups. Though my ups guy always gets here, and seems dedicated guy.
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I just got home and found that UPS threw a packaged marked "fragile" over the fence. Hope they don't do that with the camera I am suppose to get later this week.
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I have removed ups from my store completely. After just a few transactions, items were lost and/or delayed whenever a customer chose that shipping method. Now I only offer USPS and they are great! So far no lost, damaged, or late deliveries (not to say that it will never happen). Needless to say I have been very pleased with usps and very displeased with ups. I must say that your situation takes the cake though.
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See I have the opposite, I love UPS. I always know what time they will be here if i'm expecting a package. between 10:30am and 11am every time.

Now the USPS, I recently shipped a package out, it got ripped open and the contents lost. USPS in all of their wisdom taped up the box and stamped that it was damaged on it and sent it on it's way. Any neanderthal with half a brain could tell that the package they were handling was empty yet they sent it on it's way instead of contacting the parties involved.
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There is no fragile system in ups
Hate to break your heart but in working there 3 years all packages go down the same conveyors into the same trucks as fast as humanly possible

It's about volume. Not quality of service.
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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
With all the drama, whining, superiority complex, and "you can't play here newbie" attitude I wonder if scenario paintball is attempting to take a lesson from tournament paintball on how to decrease interest.
Originally Posted by TechPB-Mike View Post
I don't particularly have any respect for players using a pump gun.
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im also of the opposite opinion. UPS absolutely ROCKS around here. they run on a precise schedule. i think there are two factors in whether your UPS experience will be great or annoying: one, set up delivery for someplace where there will actually be somebody there to easily receive a package (aka a WORK address). two, know your driver. this kinda goes hand in hand.

ive been shipping with UPS for my business for about 15 years now. theyve lost TWO packages ever. i ship several packages a day with them. in both cases, i was able to talk to actual human beings, enter a case, and get paid back for the value within a week. with USPS, you cant even begin to file a claim until a package has been missing for an entire month, THEN it takes another month for the claim to process. not to mention that usps delivery confirmation is the biggest scam in shipping. its completely useless and will not help at all should something go wrong with a package.

flat rate usps shipping is cool for small domestic items, and unfortunately i have to ship postal for international stuff, because UPS is highway robbery in that department.
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