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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Gotta love the Airforce.
Have I told you about the week of basic where you're made to sit in a chair and you can only get up for coffee and the bathroom? It's rough man!
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Muscles definitely have to adapt.
I would say if you get something from regular shoes aside from tired feet, then it's worth it. Shin splints, sore knees, aches in your legs and such are signs that you should ditch regular shoes.

It enrages my hipster friends that good old fashioned $20 feiyue martial arts shoes literally blow away anything made without toes regardless of price. Another case of BS PseudoScientists pretending they invented something people have known since cave-man days, "Mocassins good".
Just like the wicking myth. "I lose heat 25 times faster to water than to air, but your clothes will cool me off by keeping me dry???" Just a waste of money for stuff that doesn't work as well as a cotton shirt. Darned Flatearthers!

The gum sole is good for all but mud and deep snow.
For my part, I never know when I may need to do something silly on the field. Tree climbing, tightrope walking, you name it.....
I like the feel of minimal, but paintball requires more traction than I can get in a traditional minimal shoe.

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So last night I went to a store called fleet feet. Not sure if it's a chain or not or if any of you have heard of it. So they watched me walk barefoot for a bit and then they knew exactly what was going on. Which was pretty cool. She asked if I had an injury to my right knee at all. I said no but my right knee is hyper extended and she said that's it's then. She said my left leg is compensating which explains my left ankle pains. My left ankle rolls inward as I walk. I asked about vff. And other minimalist shoes. She said for some people its a really good idea to train up those smaller muscles. She said in my case due to the knee I have special needs that arnt going to be covered by minimalist shoes. She said in my case I actually need the opposite which is a wide base shoe to help keep my left ankle from rolling. I'm supposed to go back today with my work boots gym shoes and my orthotics so she can see what we are working with.
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Just an FYI. While their customer service wasn't able to give me measurements of the boots they did they that the early reports are that they run half a size small. Unfortunately for me they also don't have any distributors anywhere close so I'll have to take a chance with them or one of their online resellers with a good return/exchange. policy
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My favorite military boot source (, right here in Missouri) doesn't have these yet, which is sad. I love these guys because they make it very easy to return and exchange boots that don't fit. Like Deuce, I have some weirdly wide feet (I wear 8.5EEEE in civilian shoes and 7XW in combat boots... my feet are little frog flippers), and the online sources I'm seeing that are carrying these are only offering up to Wide, not the Extra Wide I need.

Deuce - when shopping for civilian shoes, I usually hit Discount Shoe Warehouse or Shoe Carnival, as they tend to have a lot of EEEE wide shoes. I still haven't decided if I want to track down some finger shoes to see if any of them in my size will accommodate the width of my feet, just because they are expensive and as many miles as I put on running shoes, I tend to go cheap.
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Any word on the sole thickness of these? Heel-toe differential of 5mm can mean very little.

On a related note, I just got my 3-4mm drop Mizuno Wave Universe....3.8 oz! Holy crap!!
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I had a new pair of Wellco Snipers in my Amazon cart when I stumbled across this thread, and despite my strong preference for American-made, I dumped the Wellcos and picked up a pair of these. They arrived yesterday and I wore them around the house all afternoon.

Despite the appearance, the difference in feel compared to my old Wellco jungle boots is so huge that it's hard to call these boots - more like protective skins for my feet with ankle support - which is exactly what I want. It's like wearing moccasin boots or ninja tabbies.

Sole thickness is probably about 1/2" with insole- it flexes really well with my foot. The compound is almost tacky- between that and the lug pattern they stick like glue on my wood floors when cornering.

I wear a size 12 shoe, and bought these the same, in wide. My big toe is pretty close to the front, but as long as they are laced up tight so my heel stays snug I think that will be a good thing.

I cannot wait to get out and play in these, but first I need to pick up some dye to change them from desert tan to something better suited to the temperate Midwest.
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Re-posted from my team forum...

After about 5 years of abuse, my old Wellco jungle boots are pretty huffed. I was looking for a similar replacement, but maybe a little lighter, with a more flexible sole. At first I was only looking at Wellcos, as I wanted something made in the US, but then I saw a thread on MCB about the new Belleville/actical Research Mini-Mil boots with Vibram low-rise, barefoot-stile soles. After checking them out further I ordered a pair.

They are super comfortable and should give me the barefoot feeling I like for running, but with ankle support. The only problem is that they only come in black or desert tan. Black is too dark, and tan is too light, so I got them in tan and picked up a bottle of chocolate brown RIT dye...


Pre-soaking and test-fitting in the pot:

Bringing the water, dye, and vinegar mix to a boil:

Soak it in!

Dumped in the sink and rinsed off...

...even stainless steel can be dyed - had to bust out a scotch-brite pad and some Barkeeper's Friend before the wife got home.

Set out in the sun to dry. The nylon webbing and painted hardware didn't take much dye at all, and the rubber soles turned kinda burgundy-brown. I probably should have cleaned the soles and other stuff with some kind of degreaser before coloring them, but I'm still happy with the results. I'll probably bucket-wash them with laundry detergent and dry them again before wearing to make sure I don't dye my feet the first few times I wear them.

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Excellent! I was waiting for someone to give us a little MCB review before I spent the money on a set

Let us know how they feel!
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I agree, thanks for sharing!!
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