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Part of it is the lack of guns- we don't have revolvers and lever actions. It's just not Western unless you have a pair of low-slung six-shooters.

But a big part of it is that "Western" isn't a thing at the moment. It's not "trendy", like, as above, the "modern warfare", "streets of Fallujah" thing, or zombies. And I mean not just paintball, but in pop culture in general- what was the last decent western movie we had? Cowboys and Aliens? Even Wyatt Earp and Tombstone were twenty years ago.

We talked about the same thing over on the Guild not too long ago, specifically that there were very few western-themed webcomics. There's about a hundred "guys in college" comics, and a hundred more "guys in an office" comics, space themes, D&D/WoW themes... but I think we only came up with two "western" themed strips, both of which were more sci-fi/steampunk than western.

One of these days we'll get a good revolver or lever action (I have stacks of drawings, anybody want to commission one? ) and it'll take off, even if just as a trend for a few years.

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3:10 to Yuma was pretty good, Doc, and the True Grit remake wasn't half bad.

Also, given the way it's put together, what would -you- figure you'd charge to set up a lever-action setup for a Phantom?
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I remember seeing in a old apg of a western themed town with a bunch of people armed with aga 62s
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I spent some serious time drooling over the lever actions that are around...but didn't want to spend so much
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I would love to see either a quick draw tournament with DRVs at 25 feet or a pistols at dawn type tournament at 50 feet.

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Originally Posted by DocsMachine View Post
Even Wyatt Earp and Tombstone were twenty years ago.
Wow. That just made me feel really old.
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Originally Posted by markermasher View Post
I know there has been, just questioning why it isn't as popular a theme as one might hope. And there haven't been any around my neck of the woods that I've seen.
Because, to be honest, the theme at any given big game or scenario rarely makes much of a difference to the people playing it. I've been to at least a dozen scenarios a year for the last 7 years and I can really only think of 2 or 3 that had a significant portion of players actually dress to the theme or change their rig for it.

I'd love to see it happen more often, as I feel it does add a cool bit of flair to a game when people dress up for it, but at the same time I know it's not likely since some people just don't care and it's generally hard to get a couple hundred people on the same page with that sort of thing.

There's also nothing stopping you from adapting a western style rig or costume for any given game, regardless of theme. I've seen a few guys who wear double-breasted suits for a gangster-type look on the regular, as well as some vaguely-western costumes (jeans and cowboy boots with a stock class rig), even though the theme had nothing to do with either.
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I would love to see a well done western theme that was about more than just the paintball action:
mask off/safe area saloons w/eats, card games, full service bars, show girls, etc.
1. each person could be given a survey to ask them about their predilections/preferences and special skills/talents
2. based on that survey, each person would be given an instruction card with individualized mission/goals and team/affiliation and possibly items. Some goals would be less clear cut than "hang the flag." Many missions/goals would take some communication/investigation to feel out other people and thurr intentions. Aliances/on field development/player decision making would influence how things would play out in game.
3. things could be more realistic. There may be "teams": such as ranchers/cow pokes, sheriff/deputies, indigenous north american tribes people, and outlaws. But there may also be unaffiliated/loosely affiliated towns people/farmers/hands. Communication, socialization, team work and net working would also be more important skills during the safe-zone portions of the game. Creating bonds with unaffiliated people, or learning about other peoples goals and using them to your advantage could greatly swing the balance of the game-play.

ok what we really need are horses. wait, that would suck if a horse got shot by a paintball gun.

*to answer the op: more modern styles of warfare (post WWI) are more applicable to paintball, the engagements are fresher in peoples minds, the style is used in popular video games, there is more pop appeal and replicas/props are more easily found or made.
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