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KM2 is making a new E-marker board

For those of you that remember KM2 (they essentially invented the anti-chop eye) and the old Morlock and Mini-Morlock universal boards, Curt is thinking about designing and launching a new universal/project-gun board.

Reposted from the Tinker's Guild:

Originally Posted by Curt
Okay get your wishlists out, I have the bandwidth (and workshop) once again to design and bring to market a new custom marker board.

Seems like Tadao filled the vacuum left by KM2, is there much call for a new board? Maybe a generic one like the Morlock?

I was considering making a micro-morlock which would be something like:

- Fully USB programmable, all timings, software upgrade, etc..etc.. with at least a windows app, probably an android app too if I can get that working, but I have heard-tell of problems with USB compliance..
- Support every fire-mode you can think of
- LCD support
- Run 3 power channels (two solenoids and a hopper, or maybe pulse/wireless thingy channel..?)
- Support eyes of course (what the heck, I invented them.. wink.gif
- be super-small.

And whatever else anyone can think of.. let me know, I would try to hit a $99 price-point with it, maybe like $49 for the LCD module, probably need some sort of 3-button interface too.. that could be tricky.

I would have to sell at least 100 of them to make this worthwhile, so if it's just tepid interest I'm not going to bother.

-I may have kicked his brain back into gear when I recently talked to him about a project I'm working on which will require three solenoids and some tricky timing (including the ability to energize either pair of the solenoids at once) so if you're interested in a board that can run any e-marker in existence, with either break-beam or reflective eyes, with the option of loader control, and so on, let us know.

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If it was a generic board would it be possible to swap it from marker to marker as I sold/traded them?
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Awesome. A great way to make some custom eguns again with ease
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Ya for sure count me in I have a couple e marker husks that need bords but have not seen a board that I would like to run them.
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Posted over there. Cheers.
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I would definitely take one, multiple if it could do open and closed bolt.
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Posted on other forum too....

Will it be designed to operate off a 9V or hobby lipo? Will it be able to indicate the battery level or only a low battery? If it can indicate the battery level, will it be restricted to one battery chemistry?

What are the "power channels" for?

Will there be 4 eye support? I hear you have to pay patent license fees for that. Actually, don't you have to pay who ever owns the SP patent to make these boards? That might really drive the price up?

Microswitch and HE sensor support? Electrical debounce so it's automatic and not needed in software?

Roughly what kind of 'active' quiescent current are you expecting? Will it automatically turn off after a user selected time out?

Will it be able to handle even the bigger solenoids(called clappers I think)? Don't they ramp up to like a 5amp draw?

Mini/axe solenoids are tricky in how they are driven (bipolar?). Any chance it will support these?

Sounds like the shooter's profile status will be indicated with blinky multicolor LEDs or an optional upgrade to LCD?
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if it will run my g6r project i want one
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I'd buy one... I feel like Scenario Dreams filled the void more than Tadao, but the T-board is back up to 'real' prices which has kept me from buying more of them. A $100 board with LCD capabilities is something I'd have need for.
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Two solenoids? Like a viking or two noids like two seperate guns? or both?! Just curious.
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