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Go 'Hawks!
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An all-original nellie.

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My S6 but you would have one hell of a time prying my Clone out of my hands....
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Originally Posted by lmartin View Post
i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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Justin Dover
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My K framed PG, Period.

Have never has a problem with it and its still shootin hard since it's birth date in 86'
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Originally Posted by Mozak View Post
What you guys don't know how bad of a gun whore I am yet? Lol
Originally Posted by Josilk View Post the same, meaning of life is to play with all the toys not own all the toys
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Post Whore
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Any Automag.

They breed quickly enough that this whole "one gun" nonsense would take care of itself by the end of the week.
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Om Nom Nom
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Pumps in the Woods
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Either My T8 or my T9. I've used both exclusively for the last year, and i'm a fan.
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My 1997 full mill Twister, both in its mech config and its pump config. I never need another gun!
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My Pyre. But I'd also be happy with my Nelspot or my 'Mag. I've settled on gear I like.

Nothing beats a good day at Mount Doom.
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Such silly answers to such an easy question

This one
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AKA Maggy Moo
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I'd go with a cocker with 2 front blocks (one mech, one electro), 2 frames (E2 and single slider) and a pump kit. Give it one of the vertical ASA's that has a slot for the actuator rod instead of a hole and you'd be able to change between the 3 super quickly.

I'd do an automag if someone could figure out slider triggers for them...

Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
Virtus Et Peritia
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