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Brass and Wood Fan
I would definitely be interested in a shoe box model....
The one pictured is nice but I have limited room....

I am sure the basic cost of producing a more compact product will drive the price up considerably but you get what you pay for I always said...

Any idea of a price point on these.........( I'm interested and waiting for some numbers)...

You don't need preorders if you have the money to back your product..make it... sell it......just saying.....
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Originally Posted by WALZ View Post
Pretty bad to the bone.... I'm digging the screwdriver latch on top.... that is custom for sure....

Insane, how did you even think of doing such a thing.....

Can't wait for the production model...... bring it on........
Screwdriver was the closest thing to me. Lol but i didnt know what angle i wanted so figured i would adjust with the ziptie.

I use reballs to chrono so had to figure out a way to not lose them.
Originally was going to go thru the box into a 5 gal bucket. Realized the box would be to big the other direction.

Prod model will be a tall plastic bin instead of a box and cut a hole in the bottom so it will drain into a 5 gal bucket.

.....................WTB your pball MANUALS......................

Originally Posted by ajohnson677 View Post
But being dumb doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. Good dumb people are much better than bad smart people.

Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house. Isaiah 58
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Originally Posted by iKNOWaFATman View Post
eh screw it... I already got a long tube with a sock on it.
There's a joke there somewhere...

Originally Posted by The Flounder

I had to report your post

Originally Posted by super-cameron View Post
There's a joke there somewhere...
Because that is funny on several levels
Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
that's not fair. if they are not smart enough, or have no knowledge of the ramifications of their stupidity, then they should pay the price.
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Working prototype plus pre-orders plus need for money = appearing soon on Shark Tank!
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more gooder
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Fan of EMR
CCI Phantom Fan
put a 90 on the back and and another foot or so of pipe with a cleanout at the bottom. That gives a place for the paint to go, a solid surface for it to break on while directing it down and not back out. It also holds a surprising amount of broken paint.

It also acts like a giant mufller / subwoofer tube. a dull boom -vs- a sharp crack.

This is exactly what I did at the shop for 5 years. I cleaned it out once..... yuck.
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I'll have to post pictures of my ghetto station I have going in my basement.

It consists of a moving blanket hanging from the floor joists and a bucket that the blanket hangs into. Reballs and even regular paintballs hit the blanket and get almost swallowed up by it then gently roll into the bucket. I haven't had any issues with it yet.
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Charmin model coming soon.
Extra softness guaranteed.
I like Spyders.
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it may be redneck but that top notch tank storage
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This thread is great, was just thinking about making one the other day as i have reballs too

Got new phone books in, which i used to shoot metal BB's into so i was thinking of the old one as am angled backstop
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I have a really fluffy couch, I just shoot my reballs into the couch.
***If you want the Sterling English pipe blend recipe, please PM me****

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