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Originally Posted by PBN-B-DEAD View Post
There is a slight gain from a longer control bore. However in practical applications, it's pretty negligible.
Do you have data to quantify this gain?

It seems like there should be a small improvement, but so many reasonable assumptions over the years have turned out to be bunk under controlled conditions

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Originally Posted by FreeEnterprise View Post
J&J are uniformed size as well. Not tapered.

Denny Tippmann said back in the day they did testing and found that if you put talcum powder inside a barrel and fire one paintball through it, the only place it touches the barrel is the first 1/2 inch. It then squeezes the ball and has air around it until it exits the barrel. If the paint isn't round, it will bounce off the barrel here and there.

But, the first 1/2 an inch is all that matters. Which is why so many barrels are tapered. Smallest at the breech and then get bigger.

I've run some pretty short barrels (my current is typically 10 inches). And I don't see any benefit longer barrels. Unless it is for looks.

A longer freak insert is just silly.
Maybe for accuracy, but efficiency is a different story. And since no paintball is perfect, the ball always bounces around the barrel. That's the reason for the sized barrel front options in the Inception Designs barrels. Like the Freak XL, the differences are small, but they are proven. There's a reason some companies have been using a ~8" control bore for years now.

Tom Kaye, Simon Stevens, and Jack Wood have run similar tests and have seen different results.

If you already have a good barrel kit, I wouldn't "upgrade" to a Freak XL unless you simply want to. But it's a strong contender for those looking to purchase a barrel kit. I was surprised the price was only a little higher than a standard Freak Kit, I expected a major money grab.

I prefer solid barrel backs over inserts anyway.

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I can't even tell the performance difference between iFit inserts and 5" Freak inserts.
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