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So... Forums?

So, I think until recently; I've only logged in to various paintball forums a few times since '09. AKA Owners Group,, and PHOG all seem to be down. and MCB are obviously still around (as is PBN, though I never spent much time there), but the forums seem a lot less active than I remember. (I also see that almost every photo thread is plagued by non-visible Photobucket(?) images; which kind of sucks.)

Is there that much less going on? Or have people been migrating to social media groups? (Back in '09 I believe FB was still only available to college students.) Or are things in the wider paintball community just smaller and less active than they used to be?
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Facebook groups have supplanted a lot of the forum traffic. Relative to, say, five years ago, MCB has held up quite well. The difference at PBN is stark. Due to younger user base, I think.
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A lot less traffic. All of the favorite niche foruns gone. Bad Facebook groups have some impact but I think it's hard to say how much since you can't really build a community at all on Facebook..people just use them for buy sell trade.

Basically paintball like everything middle class hasn't even come close to recovering from 08 recession.
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I am see the same thing. FB groups are big but rally lack the PB community. Seem to be a lot of selling an not much buying going on too.
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Kind of bummed that the niche groups are gone. Again, not that I was super active, but I'll miss the ability to access the information.
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I think in general across the web there is a shift from traditional forums to social media (facespace, blogs, instaspam).
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I miss UMS
Funny how I run into a ton of people from forums on FB I can usually figure who they are here by the markers they shoot
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I tend to post a bit more on facebook, partially just because it is so easy to do so.
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I don't know if it's workable through either a Facebook or forum-based platform, but social media has the potential to solve one of Paintball's biggest long term issues- the challenge of helping players find other players, games, and avoid driving to a field to find no one's there. I've had some success getting this to kind of work with with various Facebook groups I've joined, but it's so fragmentary and only the hardcore obsessed people like me would search for the groups as hard as I do.

Empire or Valken should launch an app to do this, stuff a ton of money into making it work, an publicize the hell out of it on the packaging of every gun, squeegee, and case of paint they sell.
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That's an excellent idea Inflicted.
Make it an app that is a combo of a forum, player finder/event notifier/ and such. Make it so that it lets you know if a game is starting up in your area. And make it a FB like interface but with a damn search function that is less focused on keeping you entertained as so much as helping give good info.

I'm very active in another hobby, independent of paintball, and the main forum that used to have all of the traffic, is just dead. Almost nothing. Everyone is on FB now and all I ever see are the same questions asked over and over on the FB groups because it's just so poorly designed (purposefully) to make searching for info easy/possible/effective. They WANT people asking the same things over and over so as to generate traffic. It's a shame. I hope we can get an app of some kind like this for paintball or at least some kind of forum app that can get adopted by the community as a whole. We're a less educated populace I feel with the loss of forum traffic.
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